Joseph Patrick Moore Jazzes up the Music Industry Playing Lead on Bass.

Jacksonville, Florida (PressExposure) October 04, 2007 -- Joseph Patrick Moore Jazzes up the Music Industry Playing Lead on Bass.

Article by Laura Jenney Of Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions 9-27-07

Besides the obvious, high quality performances and excellence in musicianship, the mark of a truly great performer can be defined by these three elements: 1) Who the execs in the music industry listen to when they are not working; (as music industry execs have to listen to music all day long, and most work extremely long work days). 2) Who the most respected performers in the music industry choose to collaborate and perform with. And 3) A performer who has a positively innate and unique sound that stands out and is distinctly their own, that hooks and astounds the listener from the start. ...And keeps them hooked!

Such is the case with one of jazz's most riveting artists, Joseph Patrick Moore, who has ALL the elements that mark a truly great performer, and more!

Great news for Joseph Patrick Moore's many fans worldwide, JPM is currently busy putting together his 7th CD release, entitled 'Thumper", (on Atlanta based Blue Canoe Records), which is appropriately named for his distinct style of performing very classy, yet blistering performances on bass, incorporated as the lead instrument, in his musical compilations, which no doubt, attests for the very unique quality and sound of Joseph Patrick Moore's music, and which indeed is the evidence of several of the marks that defines a truly great artist.

After the release of JPM's much anticipated CD, "Thumper", which is expected to be released in early Spring of 2008, plans are already in the works by the agents and execs at the esteemed T&T Management & Booking Agency, (which Joseph Patrick Moore was recently signed to), for an expansive tour to promote this new CD. While Joseph Patrick Moore and band are busy in the studio, the team at T&T Management & Booking Agency are currently seeking and accepting dates with concert promoters and select venues throughout the US, Mexico, Central and South America, Canada, Europe, Japan, as Joseph Patrick Moore and band are looking forward to bringing their music wherever their fans request and demand.

More great news for fans of Joseph Patrick Moore who wish to experience his beyond impressive prowess on bass live. JPM will be performing live this October and early November in Europe along side/with The Chris Duarte Group, which is touring to promote the guitar shredding Chris Duarte's new CD release, "Blue Velocity" which is available on Blues Bureau International (a subsidiary of Shrapnel Records). Chris Duarte also performed on the recently released CD, "Freeway Jam - To Beck And Back", a tribute album to Jeff Beck, which also features performances from such greats as Steve Morse, John Scofield, Eric Johnson, Adam Rogers, Mike Stern, Warren Haynes, Greg Howe, Walter Trout, and many more. Needless to say, these dates promise to be some amazingly action packed shows!

Other the elements that mark the greatness of an artist can be clearly recognized via Joseph Patrick Moore's last release, "Decade" released in 2005, (on Blue Canoe Records), which was the celebration and mark of ten years as a professional touring artist for Joseph Patrick Moore, and featured performances from members of some of the music industry's most celebrated acts such as Jimmy Herring, (Grateful Dead), Jon Chalden, (Sheryl Crow), Yanrico Scott, (Derek Trucks Band), Jeff Sipe, (Susan Tedeschi), Buzz Amato, (Curtis Mayfield), Adam Nitti, (Steven Curtis Chapman), and many other very respected and renown artists. From both the sight of the impressive credits and from the sound of the high caliber of musicianship displayed on this outstanding CD by all of the contributing dynamic and esteemed artists with the pioneering and signature sound of Joseph Patrick Moore at the helm, performing lead on bass; there is no questioning why Joseph Patrick Moore is considered both a favorite amongst fans and true connoisseurs of great jazz, but is also considered a true 'musicians musician' amongst the music industry's elite.

Besides the great artists that performed on Joseph Patrick Moore's CD "Decade", it is a regular event that a number of the esteemed artists on the Blue Canoe record label ask Joseph Patrick Moore to work with them on their CD's as well, either adding his mastery as a musician or adding his talent as a very capable producer. JPM is more than glad to share his prowess and expertise among other members of the musical community, by performing a support role either live or in the studio, and has done so with such artists as Colonel Bruce Hampton and The Blueground Undergrass, Pop artist Michael Tolcher, Chris Duarte and more, as well as JPM enjoying his own successful career in the music industry.

As a music industry exec myself, (Vice President of Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions, which specializes in and provides PR, press and media relations services, working with many renowned artists, record labels, agencies and others within the music industry, and also working as a booking agent for T&T Management and Booking Agency, which is one the most well known and respected agencies, and works with most of THE BEST artists in the music industry), it is mind numbing the amount of music I listen to from different artists in the course of any given day, as part of my job(s). Needless to say, it takes nothing less than an exceptional artist with a truly distinct sound, to stop me in my tracks while working, to dig in deep to every note of their CD. (For me to want to write about them and stake my professional reputation on them, they have to be even beyond exceptional.)

I was quite pleased the day I received Joseph Patrick Moore's CD "Decade", as I was already well aware of his immense talent, but when I popped his CD into the office stereo, (which is connected to a screaming PA system), it exceeded even my expectations of this great artist's work, and indeed the quality of musicianship on JPM's "Decade" stopped me in my tracks at work and thoroughly ingrossed me from the very first note on the CD to the very last, on this 15 song smoking CD. (As it did the entire West side of Jacksonville, Florida, as I couldn't help myself, and had to crank it up). Joseph Patrick Moore's "Decade" has been one of my very favorite CD's and have remained 'hooked' ever since, as it is for many jazz lovers everywhere, that appreciate the fun, yet sophisticated sound which is part of the distinction of Joseph Patrick Moore's music, which delves into many of the sub genres of jazz, widely ranging from contemporary smooth to extremely progressive fiery hot jazz, experimental, rock and funk style of jazz, with sometimes subtle elements of the classical style of jazz, and everything in between. (Which no doubt, draws fans of all the sub genres of jazz, and is also appealing to rock and funk fans as well, creating a vast and global marketability for JPM's musical product, which reaches beyond all the normal boundaries of age, race, geographic, and other marketing demographic boundaries and limitations, etc.)

Of course, being that impressed with both the talent and marketability of Joseph Patrick Moore's music, I had to turn my good friend and boss at T&T Management & Booking Agency, CEO, Tony Saldano, on to JPM's CD "Decade" as well. Tony Saldano, being an even tougher sell than I am, was also impressed and invited Joseph Patrick Moore to take his place amongst the hundreds of great and legendary performers on the roster at T&T Management & Booking Agency. Mr. Saldano too immediately recognized both the high quality of JPM's music, as well as it's remarkable uniqueness, which is a highly marketable quality besides being one of the marks of a great performer.

JPM's innovative approach of playing lead on bass has also earned him the respect of the 'powers that be' within radio, which has a vast bearing of the success of most artists. Joseph Patrick Moore is receiving a regular and steady amount of airplay on a large number of mainstream, college, internet and satellite radio stations both nationally and worldwide.

Joseph Patrick Moore stated in the interview for this article, that his upcoming CD, "Thumper" will be more focused more on the experimental and contemporary style of jazz. On the same upcoming CD, JPM's current line up of musicians consists of Kenya Boto on percussion, Ben Taylor on drums, with a guest appearance of Dan Baraszu on guitar, with of course, JPM on bass. Being the musician's musician that Joseph Patrick Moore is though, you never know who will be joining in the making of this CD before it is complete!

When asked about who Joseph's influences are, he stated that Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller and Miles Davis were amongst his many influences.

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To purchase Joseph Patrick Moore's CD's, one can do so online at I Tunes, E Music and or in stores at Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and Best Buy.

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To sum up in short, my personal and professional assessment of Joseph Patrick Moore's musicianship and prowess as a performer, both as an avid music lover and a music industry exec... The man and his band are nothing less than stellar! (And I am not saying that because I am his booking agent, I am his booking agent because he is a TRULY GREAT performer!)

The End.

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Laura Jenney, Executive Vice President / PR, Press and Media Relations Specialist Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions Booking Agent T&T Management and Booking Agency

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