June DiMaggio Tells All About Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio in New Book

Roseville, CA (PressExposure) October 09, 2006 -- JUNE TELLS ALL

At long last, June DiMaggio, niece of baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and a dear friend of Marilyn Monroe for 11 years, tells untold stories of the two legendary, very private stars that are insightful, fun and engaging.

She also reveals what her family knew all along: Marilyn was more than a movie star and sex symbol.

. . . And her death was anything but suicide.

The DiMaggio family was very private then, and still is today. In fact, no book has ever been written by a member of Joe DiMaggio’s family until now. No other book has firsthand stories told by someone who was there

June DiMaggio has been around celebrities since she was a child. A music theater star in her own right, June befriended Marilyn as well as other stars in Hollywood in the ’50s. She well understood that the real light of Marilyn Monroe was much more luminous than the sexy star power promoted by Hollywood.

In Marilyn, Joe & Me, we can finally see Marilyn Monroe for who she was—intelligent, warm, funny, generous of spirit, good-hearted, well-read, articulate and a delightful, loving friend.

Candid and full of charm and character, June tells it the way it was: She sets the record straight, and she pulls no punches in describing Hollywood behind the glitz and glamour of the studios and cameras.


Marilyn, Joe & Me is filled with never-before-published photos that capture the essence of the people and the times: exclusive pictures of Marilyn in the production of her last film, Thes Misfits, and a treasury of DiMaggio family snapshots.


Now in her late 70s, June finally reveals what the DiMaggio family knew all along: Their beloved Marilyn did not commit suicide—she was murdered. The family never discussed the subject. June’s mother went to her grave knowing the identity of Marilyn’s murderer— sharing it with no one.

An article on Marilyn’s death in the December 2005 issue of Playboy included an excerpt from Marilyn, Joe & Me.


Marilyn, Joe & Me is an uncompromising and detailed examination of the 20th century’s highest profile celebrity marriage: Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. The Yankee Clipper’s niece, June DiMaggio, who remained a close friend of Marilyn’s until the day she died, is the ultimate insider here, and she sheds great light on a subject that has haunted the public for decades.

—Mitchell Fink, author of The Last Days of Dead Celebrities

Much of what June has to say is startling. . . . She has waited half a century to tell what she knows. But she wanted to tell it all before she died: the story of the Monroe she knew, the Monroe she visited on the day of her death and what she knows about Monroe’s last moments on earth, including the phone call she believes was interrupted by her killer or killers.

—Lisa DePaulo, “A Special Playboy Report: The Strange, Still Mysterious

Death of Marilyn Monroe” The real circumstances of Marilyn Monroe’s untimely demise remain one of the last century’s greatest mysteries.

—Playboy, December 2005

Somebody killed her.

—John Miner, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, on the death of

Marilyn Monroe

The allure of Monroe, more than four decades after her death from sleeping pills, is still powerful.

—Robert W. Welkos, Los Angeles Times

She was more than just a movie star or glamour queen. A global sensation in her lifetime, Marilyn's popularity has extended beyond star status to icon.


Featured in Playboy, on “Inside Edition,” CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight,”Fox’s “The Big Story,” MSNBC’s “The Dan Abrams Report” and more!


Marilyn, Joe & Me is a book no fan or curiosity seeker of Hollywood life and American royalty will want to be without.

A must for every library!

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