Just Published: Maria Orsic, Nikola Tesla, Their Extraterrestrials Messages, The Occult And UFOs

New York, NY (PressExposure) July 14, 2011 -- http://www.amazon.com/Nikola-Extraterrestrials-Messages-Occult-ebook/dp/B005BYJ76I/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1310643795&sr=1-1

The world's first book on Maria Orsic and the Ladies of Vril, and Nikola Tesla's extraterrestrials' connection.

Hundreds upon hundreds of photos, drawings and sketches from the original files.

Information from secrets files of the NKVD, KGB, OSS, Gestapo, SS, MI5, and intelligence agencies in 6 countries. Everything began with Maria Orsic, including extraterrestrial messages, aliens' contacts and the UFOs in modern times. The UFO phenomenon, the first contacts with aliens from civilizations beyond our solar system, and extraterrestrials' messages, all started with an occult-metaphysical-mysticism-psychical movement created by Maria Orsic in 1917, a medium and founder of the Vrilerinnen (The Vril Society), and based upon messages she received from extraterrestrials from Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri), which contained technical data and precise instructions on how to build a super "Out of this World" flying machine (UFO). But of course everything changed as soon as the SS took control of the metaphysical efforts of Orsic and her associates. And the macabre episode ended with the SS senior officers slaughtering 60 German scientists who were working on the final prototypes of the Bell UFO, when they became convinced that Germany has lost the war.

Fearing that their UFO technology will fall into the hands of the Red Army, SS officers shot the leading engineers. And those who managed to escape, just 3 days before the Russian troops entered Berlin, vanished from the face of the earth, taking with them the most important documents and blueprints of the last versions of their Bell-UFOs, stealth supersonic bombers, jet-fighters, and other secret miracle-weapons. But the greatest, most unique and most formidable person in all these scenarios, Germany's UFOs saga, and the history of ufology and extraterrestrials' contacts was and still is Maria Orsic. Maria was an extraordinary woman on so many levels!

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