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Denver, MA (PressExposure) March 22, 2009 -- Smart Moves for Progressive Recruiters Networking with the right recruiters, hiring managers and HR managers goes a long way in building your career. GoRecroot offers Find a Recruiter directory services FREE for you. 1000s of recruiters and hiring managers are listed with email ID, phone number, or contact address. Become a member NOW Use the directory to get recruiter contacts and start your career network.

As a big biller progressive recruiter your focus is on the quality of resume more than ever. You want accurate results to your resumes searches. Your team of recruiters are focusing hard on the customers in hand and do not want to be wasting time formatting resumes or mining data. Recruiting in the true sense is a challenging job and progressive recruiters are thriving in these economic times because of smarts. Which is why a number of recruiters prefer GoRecroot as their destination of choice. GoRecroot brings recruiting intelligence and arms you with information to swim across the high tides. Here are smarts that you need to get your hands on – be a progressive recruiter, be a big biller.

SMART MOVE 1: Network with other recruiters, and hiring managers This is the time for recruiters to hunt in herds. You need to exchange recruiting intelligence, share your leads, and work together. As the markets tighten up and the margins get thin, you do cannot afford to have you and your fellow recruiter working in cross purposes.

GoRecroot brings you a comprehensive and fast growing networking – information service: ‘Find a Recruiter’. Find a Recruiter allows you to search for recruiters and hiring managers around the world. You can use the contact information to form your own progressive recruiting partnerships. You can share you job order with a fellow recruiter and split the revenue. You can get resumes from your recruiter network and go after an open job position aggressively. Internet recruitment is here to stay. Social networking is growing at break neck speed. GoRecroot is the ideal combination of internet recruitment smarts with social networking reach.

The possibilities are immense and the road to progress is long. Like they say, every journey starts with a single step. Your first step is to login at and use the Find a Recruiter networking – information service.

SMART MOVE 2: 20 million job positions waiting for a few clicks from you The internet is the largest repository of job information in the world. This is good news and bad news. The bad news is that this clearly leads to data overload. How do you as a recruiter use this information to target specific job orders or open job positions? How do you take advantage of this information to fuel your account mining? Can this information help you to get in touch with hiring managers and expand your business?

The answer is NO if you are looking to use search engines to get through to a target set of jobs. If there are 20 million job positions listed, how do you use a search engine to come to the 10 or 20 that you can focus?

GoRecroot International Job Search makes it possible for you to search and drill through to a target set of job positions. We can hear you say ‘that’s what I’ve been waiting’. We can also hear you worry about recruitment budgets. Here is the good news: Sign up for a FREE account with GoRecroot and start sieving through 20 million open job positions from around the world. One stop destination for your job order mining needs. The job search is multi dimensional and is powered to be an accurate job search. The results are sharp and focused and your time is well utilized. GoRecroot job search works like a specialized search engine algorithm. There are search parameters like job location, salary, company name, skills and much more.

SMART MOVE 3: Change your job advertisement strategy The traditional outlook of job classified advertising has been changed forcefully. Recruiters and hiring managers were happy to have resume flood gates open in response to their classifieds posting. Today, progressive recruiters and target oriented hiring managers cannot afford the time processing through loads of resumes. Targeted job advertising is the new mantra. And remember not to be paying for page views and eye balls when you get on to job advertising on internet. Bring in improved effectiveness to your job advertising by adding your voice clip to the job advertisement. Get to the next level and include your own job cast (a video of the work environment and the co-workers or your own interview).

GoRecroot has the best recruitment - employer branding strategy packaged and served haute. And by that we refer to the following specialty recruitment advertising features: 1. Photos, images in your advertisement 2. Audio clips - your recruiter or hiring manager talks to the candidate 3. Video slots - show'em around the work place for, "work" is the biggest remuneration (ask Google) 4. Distribute your job orders - Widget'em, show'em on the internet

Are you going to let the economy dictate terms on your business strategy as a progressive recruiter? Get going with GoRecroot.

You should try a resume search at GoRecroot now. We should not be calling it "search" for it is mapping of resumes to job orders. Very soon you will get ranked resumes - ranked for fitment basis parameters that you believe are most relevant.

Using mobile-phone recruiting. Yes, you must recruit on the move. From your mobile phone browser go to and here you can: 1. Create a quick resume 2. Create a job order 3. Check out responses to your job order 4. Check out responses to any of your ad slots

Recruiting globally. Recruiting managers are beginning to learn how to differentiate multi-national recruiting from true global recruiting. Key focus areas include global sourcing, globalized websites, and globalized employer referral programs. This is really a no brainer: GoRecroot brings together 10 million global job positions and, that in turn brings millions of global job seekers. Try your talent sourcing at GoRecroot and your global recruitment strategy is in place.

About GoRecroot For recruiters, GoRecroot ( focuses delivering functionality value primarily through (1) recruitment ads (2) employment branding solutions (3) jobs to talent mapping (4) recruitment community value additions. Multimedia (audio, photo, video) enabled, multi modal (browser access, mobile access and downloadable thin client), multi geo (covers 100+ main geographies around the world), multi domain (over 40 business sectors and over 5000 sub sectors). GoRecroot payment processing is secured and powered by Google and PayPal. Subscription pricing is linked closely to functional value delivered. Recruiter subscriptions now open at USD 40 for a year.

Press contact: Gorecroot Customer Care 1 650 265 2090 301/PMB, 271 Newbury Street, Danvers, MA 01923-1027 USA 346/243-2, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai, TN 600018 India

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The creators of GoRecroot have been in talent sourcing and mapping since the 90s and have worked closely with recruiters and job seekers around the world. The intelligence behind GoRecroot is derived from hands on experience fulfilling scores of different job positions. The creators have their ears to the ground and have been listening closely to recruiter pains and tribulations. GoRecroot intends to continue its close-knit association with recruiters and thrives to play an active role in getting more progressive recruiters to the big biller club.

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