Kansas City Marketing Company Is Turning Heads and Creating Sales Jobs in Kansas City

Overland Park, KS (PressExposure) June 04, 2013 -- It's been a tough decade for many businesses around the nation. The challenging economic climate has forced some folks to close shop, but it has inspired others to find new avenues of success. And the demand for innovation and creative growth is precisely why BeeFound.Net has been able to create new jobs and economic growth in Kansas City for both itself and its clients.

BeeFound.Net is a rapidly growing marketing company that is creating sales jobs [http://beefound.net/sales-jobs-in-kansas-city/] in Kansas City. Because of the way the company is structured, there is virtually no limit to the number of marketing jobs and sales jobs it is able to create in the immediate future.

The bread and butter of BeeFound.Net is in making other businesses grow and succeed at astonishing rates. They are helping businesses in every corner of every market experience explosive growth, and while they do that they are able to create new sales and marketing jobs within their own company.

"It may be a bit cheesy, but BeeFound.Net is literally what we are all about," said founder and CEO, Tim Dodd when asked about the companies name and mission. "We are all about helping businesses actually 'be found' by new customers."

Kansas City sales jobs are not necessarily in short supply, but quality marketing sales jobs are nearly non-existent. And that is why BeeFound.Net is so unique. Their product is so good, and their sales jobs in Kansas City have such high potential, that they are growing at a break-neck pace.

When asked about BeeFound.Net and its core values, Dodd replied, "While I care about growing my company and helping my clients achieve overwhelming growth and success, I also care a lot about creating new sales jobs and marketing jobs in Kansas City. Everyone I know has either experienced or has known someone who has experienced job loss in the last number of years. It's been tough for a lot of people. BeeFound.Net is one simple way I can serve clients and employees, and I am stoked beyond all reason for how big this could be for so many people."

While talk is cheap and easy, Tim Dodd is no fool. He's a serial entrepreneur who knows what it takes to grow and run a business. On top of that, he has now been able to add two powerful accolades to his resume: 1) Create new marketing jobs and sales jobs in Kansas City, and 2) Cause massive growth for his clients.

Whether you're a business owner who is looking for a new website, increased online traffic, or general help marketing your business, or if you're a marketing or sales person looking for a new and exciting opportunity, BeeFound.Net is worth looking into. According to their website, some of their clients see up to a 95% increase in new business after employing their services, and there is not a business owner in Kansas City who wouldn't like to see that happen.

"The systems and information are in place to grow this marketing and sales business, but it can only grow as fast as my staff grows," said Dodd when asked about what challenges he faces. "I want to build the best sales and marketing team in the nation, but that means I need to find the hardest working individuals out there who are looking for sales and marketing jobs in Kansas City."

While the main focus for Dodd as of now is on Kansas City, he says that he fully plans on growing BeeFound.Net into a national powerhouse in the coming years. "All we need to do to achieve that is to keep growing our team. I'm always looking to create new sales and marketing jobs in Kansas City, and I'll be looking to do the same throughout the nation before we know it. You're only as good as the people who buy-in to your vision."

Time will tell where the ceiling is for BeeFound.Net, but one thing is certain for now: BeeFound.Net is creating new marketing jobs in Kansas City, and there is no downside or ceiling on that. For more information on sales jobs in Kansas City visit [http://beefound.net/sales-jobs-in-kansas-city/].

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