Kawada Released "Nanoblock Sea Creature Series"

New York, NY (PressExposure) July 12, 2013 -- Kawada has released the marine creature-themed "nanoblock sea creature series," the latest product in the "nanoblock" block toy series, on July 12, 2013.

"Nanoblocks" are one of the smallest toy blocks in the world, measuring 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.5 cm. They have various themes such as architectures and vehicles and include blocks as building materials and a instraction. The "Nanoblock Sea Creaure Series" depict sea animals with nanoblocks, and recreate the animals in detail with touches such as accurate color, albeit being simple.

The Green Sea Turtle has a shell as large as 80 to 100 cm. It inhabits a large range of marine areas spanning the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Among sea turtles, it is the only herbivorous species which feeds on seaweed and algae. As for the block, the shell is multicolored while the large front flippers help express the true shape of the turtle well.

The Great White Shark has a wide distribution over the oceans around the world. It is around 4 to 4.8 meters long. It is said that it has a good learning ability and takes the experience obtained for catching a prey. The pink-colored playing blocks are used to assemble inside of impressive mouth and the moving parts can imitate the movements of mouth.

The Manta Ray is the biggest ray in the world. An average manta ray is 3 to 5 meters wide, and can be as wide as 8 meters. They are full of curiosity and are friendly to humans, so they are popular with divers. The block design recreates its characteristic silhouette, as if it is flying in the air.

The Giant Squid is one of the largest invertebrate living in the deep sea. The length stretches 6.5 meters including the tentacles. Details of their ecology are still unknown. The blocks emphasize their grandness by using elongated blocks for the tentacles. Its characteristic eye is properly visible.

The Green Spotted Puffer is a tropical fish which inhabits Southeast Asia. They are popular as a pet, but as it is challenging to raise them in fresh water for a long time. The blocks reproduce two pufferfishes, one small and one large, recreating its humorous, round silhouette. Vivid green blocks are used.

The Fiddler Crab is known for the male's characteristic single large pincer. Depending on the type of the carb, their fully grown size ranges 2 to 4 cm. The blocks recreate its trademark large pincers and eyestalks, and its white belly is properly replicated as well. A seaweed platform also comes in the package.

The Moon Jellyfish is distributed in the sea around the world. The size of the adult is 15 to 30 cm. 95% of the body is made of water. The blocks are mixture of small and large. They consist of transparent blocks, and express well the features of the jellyfish. The LED plate, which is sold separately, will illuminate those translucent parts beautifully.

The Spotted Garden-eel is distributed in the tropical areas of the Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean. They inhabit the swift-flowing sandy bottom of coral reef, and live to prey on flowing plankton. The blocks reproduce several Heteroconger hassi and Gorgasia preclara that are sticking out of the sand.

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