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Alexandria, Virginia (PressExposure) April 19, 2008 -- If you are a frequent business traveler, you probably carry a notebook computer with you all the time. But what if you just take a vacation, or simply don't want to carry those extra pounds of electronics around? If you are like most casual travelers, you'll probably end up in an Internet cafe in a country of destination. You'll open a Web browser, type your Web mail address, and enter your password. By this time, you've probably got the feeling there might be something wrong with this. And indeed there is.

Far destinations and exotic places often have unreliable Internet connections, even in public places such as Internet cafes. What is much worse, these cafes often have unreliable owners and even less reliable visitors. Can you be sure your password will not be captured when you type it into webmail login form? Technically, that can be done easily by the owner of the computer, or by any prior visitor who's been using the same computer. A small and invisible keyboard logger, once it is installed, cannot be easily detected, let alone disabled. It may steal your password and send it to a crook, who will then gain full access to all your private messaging.

Is there a way to protect your privacy and your data from malicious persons and key logging software? For one, you should not type anything sensitive, like your passwords or credit card data, on any shared computers. This is especially true for poor, third world countries that are well known among the experienced travelers for this kind of activities.

But what if you still want or need to access your email messages? Is there a really safe way to check your email while on the go?

There definitely is! Smart PC Solutions has developed a secure, portable email client that you can always keep with you on a Flash memory card. Reach-a-Mail is just the right tool for traveling individuals!

Install it on an inexpensive, disposable USB memory stick, and carry that light and compact stick with you while traveling. When you need to check your email, find a working computer with an Internet connection, plug the USB stick, and run Reach-a-Mail. No need to configure email accounts on every new PC, and no need to type any passwords! All passwords are securely stored on your very own Flash card. If you don't type anything, there's no way to capture your account password with a key logger.

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