Key To Immortality - Commentary on Gospel of Thomas by Stanislaw Kapuscinski

Montreal, Canada (PressExposure) February 17, 2009 -- INHOUSEPRESS presents Stanislaw Kapuscinski’s Key to Immortality, (ISBN 978-0-9780267-8-3) as EBOOK. It can be ordered and downloaded directly from INHOUSEPRESS at Excerpts can be read at

Stanislaw Kapuscinski, under the penname Stan I.S. Law, authored more than twenty books, including a dozen novels. He delights in the exploration of the human potential. His books can are available on,,, Barns and Noble, Froogle, AurthorsDen,, or directly from INHOUSEPRESS.

Part of the Introduction:

“Whoever finds the explanation of these words will not taste death.” (Logion 1. The Gospel According to Thomas).

When I read the words quoted above I had two choices: I could ignore them, or I could try and find out if indeed some enigmatic truth is hidden behind them. There followed a prolonged period of study. Years later I became convinced that nothing is hidden behind these portentous words. Nothing at all. The words mean exactly what they say. They are not a parable; they are a statement of fact coming from One who had, according to ensuing scriptures, proven their veracity.

From a scholarly point of view, I do not, nor did I at the time of writing, consider myself qualified to make doctrinaire pronouncements on the secrets contained in the Gospel According to Thomas. But even if I had such qualifications, I would have been reluctant to impose my conclusions on my neighbor. I might adversely affect the reader's peace of mind. I was stuck. I wanted to share my discovery, yet, in a way, I was afraid. After all, there are countless thousands of fully accredited professors, doctors of theology, divinity, theosophy, philosophy, and hosts of other equally qualified people who busy themselves telling people how to interpret the Scriptures. But then I remembered Benjamin Hoff quoting the teaching of Lao-tse and the ancient principles of Taoism. According to Mr. Hoff, Lao-tse affirms that: “Heaven... communicates its deepest secrets to little children, animals, and fools.” I took a deep breath ­ I might qualify after all! I found Lao-tse’s statement particularly reassuring, since what I really had to offer to my readers was a considered opinion that everyone must interpret the Scriptures all by himself or herself.

That’s right.

At the risk of sounding pompous, I confess that this is the sum-total, the absolute summation, the deep conclusion that I have reached after years of study. Could I be wrong? Of course. But since practically all other methods aimed at the comprehension of the Scriptures had been already tried, and the world appears to be hardly better for it, I had relatively little to lose. If I am wrong, little will change. If, by any chance, I’ve stumbled across something ­ then this book offers the Key to Immortality. Can you afford to miss it?


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