Kiano Realty Investments, LLC Launches New Site For Buying Cash Flow Notes From Investors Struggling To Sell Their Cash Flowing Properties

Plymouth, Michigan (PressExposure) February 17, 2009 -- Before you invest time and money attempting to sell your commercial property in a tough market, check out other options that may be more practical for you. We can help you raise the cash you need for other investment opportunities without selling your property and without getting a second mortgage.

According to Claude Beauregard, “The question I get most often, “I need cash right now but my property just isn’t moving. What am I going to do now?’ My job is to work with my clients to see if they have actually priced the property so that it will move in the market. In most case it is, and its not a matter of it being over priced it’s a matter for the buyer that can’t get a loan to purchase the property even using private money lenders.

I advise my clients that there is an option that allows them to get the cash they need for other investments, the solution “Sell Your Cash Flow.” Real Estate Notes, also known as Commercial real estate notes, promissory notes, mortgage notes, seller financed notes, land contracts, trust deeds, deeds of trust, are basically vehicles secured by a tangible asset. These notes are also referred to a Cash Flow Notes and there are buyers that will purchase them from you so that you can have cash for other investment opportunities.

Since money generally decreases in value over time. Today you can buy less with a $20 bill than you could twenty years ago. That is the reason why a lump sum today is worth more than a lump sum 20 years from now. This is called the time value of money.

We launched our new site [] to help our clients and others determine the value of there Cash Flow Note and to offer assistance with creating one on the property if needed. If they are receiving payments on a mortgage note, deed of trust, land contract, etc. We can help them convert those to payments into cash. There are no fees involved to the note holder because our investors pay our fee.

Typically you can receive from 65% – 95% of the notes value but as with everything else in real estate there are factors that will affect the value of the note; Credit Rating of the Property Buyer, Sales Price of the Secured Property, Appraised Value of the Property, Down Payment, Interest Rate, Amortization Period / Balloon Payments, Seasoning (not required in many cases).

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