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New York, NY (PressExposure) June 01, 2014 -- The word Kinesiology comes from a specific science called the Kinesiology. It was developed by a Japanese chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase in 1970. At first this tape was used by the medical professionals only but later it was used by athletes too. This tape is used for pain and inflammation of the joints and muscles. There is no technical method of application. It is very easy to use and takes very less time in application. It is ideal for everybody and people of all ages from elite athletes to fighters. It is made up of cotton and is applied on the skin over the affected area. It provides support &strength for muscles, joints, and ligaments by reducing the pain, swelling and inflammation.Unlike other athlete tapes, as the name suggests it helps in easy movement of the muscles and joints.

The other tapes limit the muscular and joints motions, but this kinesiology tape is very perfect to use as it does not limit the motion. It is highly elastic in nature and very flexible in use. It is sweat resistant as the material from which it is made of is cotton and the air passes though it easily. Thus it supports the skin to breath. The tape is based on the natural recovery method of the body. The purpose of using the tape was to lift the skin up. It relaxes the fatigue of the muscles by allowing more circulation of the blood. It is also helpful in many other problems like lower back pain and sports injuries, headaches, gastrocnemius tears etc. It does not irritate the skin because it is latex free and very light in weight and can be applied on the knees, shoulders, elbows etc. It helps in releasing the pressure from the injured muscles. The absence of latex is best for those who have the allergies with latex.

It not only heals injured muscles but also helps in the prevention of further injuries especially during the sports activities. It improves the performances of the players.It is very desirable product especially by the players and athletes because they can remain active during their sports even if they are injured too. And this is considered to be the most important benefit of kinesiology tape. One very special quality of kinesiology tape is that it is water resistant. It can last for 3 to 5 days and then can be easily removed. Although the tape is very easy to use but there are some considerations while using the tape.

It must be applied on the right place and on the right muscles to be treated. In many cases it cannot be used by one own self. For example if it is to be used in the treatment of lower back pain or other back muscular pain then it is not possible for a person to use it by his own self. For this you need another person to help to applying the tape. This technique of pain removal can be used in combination with other treatments, such as cryotherapy, ultrasound or acupuncture etc. and does not require much maintenance. It can be used in different methods too but it must not be applied on the areas where open wounds are present because it may cause any reaction.

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