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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) July 31, 2009 -- What is the best wedding ring? That is the question that many soon-to-marry couples are asking when it comes to buying their wedding rings. Wedding rings, like people themselves, possess different qualities which are rarely found in other wedding rings. Some have advantages that others don't have as well as disadvantages that others have overcome. This is the reason why information and knowledge of the specific material used for the wedding ring is very important. Here are some of information that marrying couples should know when it comes to wedding rings.

Typical Wedding Rings

These wedding rings are easily found in almost every jewelry shop across the world. These wedding rings include:

* Gold wedding rings - Gold is the traditional material when it comes to wedding rings. For the longest of time, gold has proven its worth as a wedding ring. Its luster is said to last for generations, which is why it's the perfect ring when it comes to conveying a sense of permanence. However, there are several impurities with the ring. Gold wedding rings, or even other gold jewelries, are known to cause skin irritation. This reaction is believed to be caused by nickel, which is used to make the ring stronger.

* Platinum wedding rings - Platinum is one of the many materials that provided what gold hasn't, pure glamour. It has been considered that because of its silvery-white luster making it more appropriate as a woman's wedding ring. Often draped with diamonds, platinum wedding rings are the perfect rings to signifyloses its whiteness after years of wear, although it could be restored by reapplying its white element. One thing about platinum wedding rings is that they are usually very expensive. the femininity of a woman. The only problem is that it

* White gold wedding rings - This wedding ring is one of the most popular today. This is because, aside from sharing similar properties with platinum (its whiteness), white gold is relatively cheaper than platinum. The only problem is that it is significantly softer than platinum. Another is that it loses its whiteness twice as fast as platinum does.

Rare Wedding Rings

* Palladium wedding rings - Palladium wedding ring is the kind of wedding ring that isn't usually available in all jewelry stores, although the number of jewelry stores selling palladium rings has been increasing lately. Palladium wedding rings usually resemble those made of platinum. This is because both palladium and platinum are under the same group of metal, the platinum group. The difference is that it is slightly whiter, much lighter and about 12% harder than platinum. Similar to gold, palladium can be beaten into a thin leaf form. In contrast to platinum, however, palladium may discolor at high soldering temperatures, become brittle with repeated heating and cooling, and react with strong acids.

New Wedding Rings

* Tungsten wedding rings - Although newly introduced, the tungsten ring quickly became popular around the world. This is due mainly to its durability. In fact, many consider the this type of ring is its hypoallergenic properties. The one thing that a tungsten ring lacks is a feminine appeal. Which is why tungsten wedding rings are usually used by men. tungsten ring to be more durable than gold and platinum. Another popular feature of

* Titanium wedding rings - Just like tungsten, titanium is known for its durability. The only difference between titanium and tungsten is that titanium is much lighter than tungsten, which is its key feature. Although its light weight serves as a benefit for some, others would have second thoughts because of it. This is because the weight of a jewelry is usually connected to its value. Being light makes it feel like any other metal.

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