Krisan Cafe 1.3.2 Has Been Released

Rosario, Pilipinas (PressExposure) May 27, 2013 -- Alexander Prado today announced the release of version 1.3.2 of Krisan Cafe, its popular shareware cyber cafe management software.

What is Krisan Cafe?

Krisan Cafe is an easy-to-use Cyber Cafe Management Software. It manages your desktop internet and game rentals, laptops, tablets, Xbox, and also your playstation. No matter how large or small your Cyber Cafe, Gaming Cafe or Internet Cafe shop is, Krisan Cafe will take in-charge and make your life easier.

Krisan Cafe has four editions: Professional, Standard, Lite, and Free. The Lite edition is amounting just US$34 for a maximum of 50 client stations, costs a fraction of the price of most other commercial cyber cafe management software.

The Free edition has most of the Lite edition's features. It has some non obstrusive popup on client program as a support for the developer.

Version 1.3.2 is a free upgrade to registered users of any earlier version.

System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is new in Krisan Cafe 1.3.2

- Added the Power Conservation feature.
- Free Version was released.

Changes in Version 1.3.1

- Computer list icon enhancement
- Added option to enable/disable over 20 Windows XP/Vista/7 Functions
- Automatic E-mail of Sales Report added
- Added the "Free" computer status
- Added the "Today's Total Cash" status
- Added option to automatically logout operator
- Added quick access buttons for logging out operator and shutting down

Krisan Cafe Server

- Removed the trial window if days left is more than 5 days and runs left is more than 10
- Added the trial info to main window title bar
- Added the option to enable/disable automatic update checking
- Added the Krisan Cafe mark on client background
- Added option to unlock client if server is not running
- Swapped cafe name and computer name/number placement on client
- Enhanced performance
- Additional client backgrounds added
- Minor fixes

Key Features

- Prepaid/Postpaid Payment
- Membership (Prepaid/Postpaid)
- Print Monitoring
- Dynamic Rate
- Scheduled Rate
- Inventory and Client Order System
- Automatic Data Backup
- Power Interruption Safe
- Power Conservation
- Website/Program Restriction
- Automatic Starting
- Automatic Locking
- Block USB Drive Access
- Hotkeys Disabling
- File Cleaning Maintenance
- Disable/Enable over 20 Windows Functions (e.g. Control Panel, Drive Access, System Properties, etc.)

What Softpedia Said About Krisan Cafe

"A handy cyber cafe management software Krisan Cafe is a comprehensive application that enables you to connect to other computers remotely, manage and organize all your clients and monitor the time spent to each computer.

With the help of Krisan Cafe you have the possibility to simplify your day-to-day tasks in your Internet cafe.

With its intuitive interface, you have the possibility to track the inutes spent to the client computers and generate invoices for each one."

The Krisan Cafe Features Described in Detail

Time Management

Krisan Cafe handles time management in your Cyber Cafe. It records the time in, total time with the charges and displays them both on the client and server screen. With a reliable time management, there is no possibilities for mistakes to occur.

Flexible Computer Naming

You can add unlimited devices for rent in your Cyber Cafe shop like Xbox, playstations, tablets and any other devices.

Up to 500 Clients Connection

Server can connect and hold up to 500 client computers.

Print Monitoring

Record all printer activities and print outs in your Cyber Cafe shop. With this feature there is no possibility for operators or employees to make volume print outs for them.

Normal, Fixed, Scheduled, Dynamic and Custom Rate

Define your pricing scheme with these flexible and wide selection of rental rates.

Disable/Enable Over 20 Windows Functions

With Krisan Cafe you can add security to your client computers. It reduces the maintenance of your computers by restricting functions like control panel, start menu right-click, taskbar properties, taskbar right-click, desktop properties, My Computer properties, Windows hotkeys, task manager and many more. You can also limit the drive letters that are accessible in My Computer, restrict internet explorer downloads, block installers (msi) and many more.

Power Interruption Safe

All data is recorded locally in real-time so no need to worry. All logins will resume automatically when the server is restarted.

Power Conservation

Decrease your cafe's power consumption by automatically turning off or put client computers to standby/sleep mode if no user is logged in. You can wake up client computers from sleep mode remotely on server or by pushing the client computers' power button.


Maintain an inventory of all the items like snacks, cold drinks and even school supplies. Users can place an order from their own computer using the Krisan Cafe Client.

Free Hour System

Add a unique promo to your Cyber Cafe with this unique feature of Krisan Cafe. Automatically add free minutes to members who acquired a predefined minutes of PC rentals. Members can use their free minutes upon logging in or upon receiving of free minutes.

Additionally, there's an option to enforce or prompt members for free minutes use.


Krisan Cafe empowers your Cyber Cafe with user group-based membership. It allows you to define numerous membership schemes, pricing and settings with each user group.

Rental and Products/Services Sales Report

Krisan Cafe generates detailed reports to provide you the ability to evaluate your business performance.

Employee/Operator Reports and Permissions

Keep a check on employees with this feature of Krisan Cafe. All cash transactions are recorded so no possibility of an operator committing undesirable actions. Also you can select which features should be accessible for employees or operators.

Website/Program Restriction

Krisan Cafe can block websites or applications on the client computers. You can limit the programs which can be launch and websites that can be viewed on the client computer.

Prepaid Tickets

Krisan Cafe gives your Cyber Cafe a ticketing feature. It allows you to generate a number of prepaid accounts with predefined balance and expiration with a single click and you can then print it. Your customers can buy tickets and only enter the two required information to the client computer in order for them to surf, game or do other task on computers.

Points System

Do you want to add points to members for every defined computer rentals or purchased products/services? Then this feature is for you. You can make awards to members who will reach a predefined number of points.

Computer Usage Report

Monitor computers that are busy and computers that are totally not used.

Automatic E-mail of Sales Report

Monitor your daily sales even when you are not in your shop. You can schedule to send sales report to an e-mail address daily or weekly.

Remote Task Manager

View and kill tasks on client computers remotely especially for games that are sometimes are hard to exit and applications that turned to "Not Responding". You and your customers can save time with Krisan Cafe's Remote Task Manager.

Client Screenshots

You can monitor what your customers are doing in your computers with Krisan Cafe's Screenshots feature. Click Screenshots and the thumbnails of all the turned on computers will be displayed. You can enlarge the thumbnails with your default image viewer.

Client Self-Timer

Krisan Cafe Client has its own timer that gets activated when the server is down. It will save you a lot when something goes wrong with your server computer. The time client stations detected that the server is down, its self timer starts running and the user login time continues. When the server is restarted, all user time information will be updated with the one on the client stations.

File Cleaning Maintenance

Clean your client computers from users' data like documents, mp3's, videos, and other user downloads. Specify the folders in the File Cleaning Maintenance settings and their contents will be deleted on the first startup of Krisan Cafe Client in a day.

Customizable Quick Access Buttons

Add only the functions you want for quick access. No need to hit menus and browse for functions you want, just single-click buttons.


Krisan Cafe 1.3.2 is available now, and may be downloaded through our Web site at

About Alexander Prado

Alexander Prado has graduated at Data Center College of the Philippines with a Computer Programmer of the Year award, and has been involved working in projects in Philippines for over ten years.

Alexander Prado distributes Krisan Cafe under the shareware principles: try before you buy and minimal or no marketing costs.

About Alexander Prado

Alexander Prado has graduated at Data Center College of the Philippines with a Computer Programmer of the Year award, and has been
involved working in projects in Philippines for over ten years.

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