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Santa Monica, California (PressExposure) April 30, 2012 -- Julian was born in South Africa and studied a variety of artistic disciplines - including painting and graphic design - before falling in love and dedicating himself to photography. Julian worked with a number of reputable European and American photographers in fashion and commercial advertising before finding his true calling. His experience in advertising and lifestyle reportage naturally provided a solid foundation for his subsequent departure into fulltime wedding photography. Julian is an avid fan of European cinema and he cites natural fashion styles of the likes of Bruce Weber, Arthur Elgort and Mario Testino as major contributors to the personal aesthetic and photographic sensibilities he has formed throughout his photographic career.

Julian's images have been described as first-class, brilliant achievement(s), and stunning. His approach to shooting weddings is a natural extension of his life experiences, including his time in fashion and advertising photography. One particular experience that helped to create Julian's photographic modus operandi and hone his ability to put his subjects perfectly at ease came from time spent as a photographer from a French luxury cruise ship. For two years Julian was responsible for shooting 400 French passengers each week who "did not want to be photographed, but demanded pictures at the end of the cruise." Julian had to learn quickly how to get the shots without asking and without offending his clients. He says that once they saw his work and realized that he wasn't a "mean" photographer, they would loosen up and become receptive to his efforts. He had no choice but to quickly learn to use his camera quickly skillfully.

Julian knows how to react as a photographer to authenticity, which he calls the main ingredient in his images. Julian says "people look best when they are relaxed - and the best way to make people feel at ease is to be relaxed yourself." Of course there is more to Julian's amazing photography than having relaxed subjects. Anytime you're taking a picture of people you have to remember that a genuine smile can be elusive. A real smile only lasts for a few seconds; if a photographer makes you hold a smile longer it quickly looses its natural luster and begins to look contrived. For any good photographer there has to a balance between being spontaneous and being fast. Julian prides himself in his quick work and yet his shots, while being taken quickly, still retain the quality of a true master of the lens. By shooting quickly, shoots feel casual and spontaneous. Julian often finishes shooting groups before they realize he has begun. "I even do bridal portraits that way." Julian says that by keeping things energetic and moving you can avoid the awkwardness that comes from posing for too long as real smiles are replaced by fake ones.

The idea that weddings bring out the best in everyone is something that Julian strongly holds to. Julian says that he considers each wedding he is given the opportunity to photograph to be an honor. "When two people are in love, it overflows!" Julian is a wedding photography virtuoso and says that shooting weddings is something that is best suited to both his shooting style and his personality. Julian never plans or stages a shoot; instead he relies on the genuine emotion and spontaneity available in each of his subjects. Julian says that the best results come from improvisation, when the bride and the groom or guests don't know what will happen next, they can't help but be genuine.

Although you may have an idea of the kind of first class photographic talent Julian has, there is absolutely no substitute for looking at his stunning work first hand. His online gallery will ignite the flame in any young girl's heart and rekindle the romance any past bride or groom felt on their own life-changing day. His pictures read like a stunning actualization of a fairytale come to life, perfectly framed, perfectly timed, perfectly focused and utterly breathtaking. When you meet Julian, you will immediately understand why he makes such an amazing wedding photographer. He is calm and yet outgoing, friendly and perfectly approachable. He beams about his upcoming appearance in Grace Ormonde and looks forward to working with his future clients privileged to be a part of so many celebrations of love and commitment.

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