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, FL (PressExposure) April 20, 2009 -- L acidophilus is usually regarded as a human friendly bacterium that crops up naturally in the human intestine, mouth and other regions. This bacterium secretes lactic acid and can survive only in an acid environment. All milk products contain the enzyme produced by this bacterium. From the late 19th century many scientists have begun to visualize the positive health effects of L acidophilus and a lot of researches have been conducted.

The functions of L acidophilus [http://www.lacidophilus.com] are innumerable and have a positive effect on all human beings. It acts as an excellent metabolic process regulator. It breakdowns the vitamins and minerals of our body and generates various by products such as hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid that establishes a hostile surrounding to the bacterial species that are unhealthy for us. It also takes up the contents that aid the growth of these unwanted microbes. Additionally, the bacterium sets up a healthy immune system with the production of folic acid, pyridoxine and niacin.

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Apart from the functions mentioned above there are other important activities carried out by L acidophilus such as, reducing burden on the liver, providing relief from indigestion, boosting the immune system, and improving gastrointestinal functions. Many doctors suggest taking this bacterium at a recommended quantity because these bacteria may be compromised by antibiotics. When our ‘friendly bacteria’ is compromised, undesirable microbes like Candida yeast may attack the intestinal tract and result in several intestinal problems. The L acidophilus [http://www.lacidophilus.com] bacterium balance must be maintained consistently in our body.

Many symptoms of diseases can be treated by consuming L acidophilus [http://www.lacidophilus.com]. Patients suffering from asthma, urinary infections, ulcers, respiratory infection, irritable bowel syndrome and other chronic infections may see relieft with the intake of L acidophilus. The point to be noted here is that none of the researchers have a come out with a prominent solution stating that these bacterium can completely cure the infections. It’s been said that they just aid in the process of assisting with these infections. less side effects and minimal harmful drug interactions.

The role offered by L acidophilus [http://www.lacidophilus.com] bacteria is very vital in maintaining a proper healthy life. Any unbalance in the production of this bacteria results in various disorders. Apart from our normal diets, many capsules have been recommended to maintain the L acidophilus balance in our body. For more info, visit www.lacidophilus.com [http://www.lacidophilus.com]

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