Lack of Insurance Cause for Concern Among American Families

Mountain View, CO (PressExposure) February 27, 2012 -- Health insurance is simply not affordable for many Americans, leaving families to face each day praying to avoid illness. Serious illness in a family without health insurance can mean financial devastation and even financial ruin. Some families are opting to put money normally spent on health insurance into a savings plan, instead. In addition, many are turning to preventative health measures to ward off illness before it sets in.

Health savings accounts are a way to help the uninsured. These are tax-favored savings accounts combined with a health insurance plan. Although the plan is high-deductible, you are more able to take control over your health care decisions, reduce your taxes and lower your insurance rates. Several insurance companies offer Health Savings Accounts, otherwise known as HSA's.

Other options may include COBRA, which is the law that requires former employers to continue medical coverage for at least 18 months. Another option is short-term private insurance, which can be less expensive than COBRA or temporary insurance which may tie you over until you find another job that will help pay. There are also the State high-risk pools to help those with serious illness since they don't discriminate, or state help such as Healthy Familie's in California that offer insurance for children at a reasonable price.

Those who simply cannot afford health insurance are looking at preventative measures. According to the Surgeon General, seven out of 10 Americans who die each year die due to preventable chronic disease. Much illness is due to poor diet, lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle. Many people have weakened immune responses due lack of or improper nutrition as well as habits such as smoking or even drug use.

One recent study cites smog as a major contributor to not only lung diseases but to heart disease, as well. Other studies point to a relationship between pesticides and other environmental pollutants and diseases such as Parkinson's Disease and even certain cancers.

The Surgeon General's office along with initiatives through the Health and Human Services office have created a Healthy Lifestyles & Disease Prevention campaign to bring public awareness to lifestyle and health. Together, they are encouraging families to take small steps in changing their current lifestyle to ensure long-term health and prevention of disease.

On the other side, holistic health professionals and advocates are more aggressive with their health attitudes. Many are taking it upon themselves to clean up their own bodies with whole foods, herbal nutrition and a well rounded fitness routine. Bookstores abound with self-help nutrition books or books authored by people who cured themselves holistically of life-threatening illness.

Science proves time and again that diet and exercise play a key role in good health. A wholesome diet is associated with less disease and illness all around. Some health advocates are taking nutrition a step further with the addition of nutritional supplementation. This may be in the form of fresh vegetable juicing or herbal supplements.

More research is uncovering the benefits nutritional supplements. Evidence and research presented by Dr. Weill Cornell of Cornell University said that since garlic is so powerful in disease prevention as well as having therapeutic properties, it should be considered complementary medicine and not alternative therapy. Other research finds that the Reishi mushroom is a proven potent activator of natural killer cells as well as many other immune stimulating properties. It's benefits are even being touted by the group, Cancer Research UK, the United Kingdom's leading cancer charity.

For those who would like their own private holistic health teachings, SpringClean Cleanse site is a site to learn about colon cleanse and is a free holistic educational website dealing with all aspects of health and holistic prevention. The topics covered vary from holistic nutrition to juicing, herbs and even body cleansing.

The site is designed for those interested in knowing more about holistic techniques. The website is for information purposes that anyone can use to improve their knowledge of how holistic remedies work. Once the groundwork of knowledge is laid, then people can use the knowledge and, hopefully, better learn how to take care of their bodies and themselves, lessening the need for expensive, lifetime prescriptions.

Warding off illness and prevention of disease can be a lot easier on the wallet. According to the consulting firm, IMS Health, more the $300 billion dollars was spent on prescription drugs in 2010 in the United States alone. Even with so much money being spent, Americans are not getting healthier but even sicker. Perhaps holistic health is the wave of the future.

Cindy has been a Nutritional Counselor working with clients and teaching for 20 years in the health field. Visit to learn more about body cleanse or learn the benefits of a [] colon cleanse.

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