Lana Del Rey is the New Adele in 2012

Arad, Romania (PressExposure) January 12, 2012 -- Actually is Elizabeth Grant born in New York on June 21, 1986. Her stage name, Lana Del Rey is a combination of actress Lana Turner, an old Hollywood star and the Ford Del Rey. She definitely has a thing for old Hollywood just watch the Music Video "Born To Die" and you will see.

Lana Del Rey has two singles: Video Games and Born To Die and many say that she is the new Adele and that 2012 will be the year of Lana del Rey, as 2011 was Adele's year when she sold more albums then Lady Gaga. Her first album was released on 4 of January 2010. But both of the singles are in the Born To Die album, that will be released this month, 27 of January 2012 to be exactly.

According to Google Trends, she started to gain popularity at the end of October and she had a big jump in searches from 50,000/month to 450,000 in the month of December, when her album wasn't yet launched. Also, if you do a quick search on Youtube for both her singles, you will see that Video Games has over 18 million views, while Born To Die is coming from behind with over 10 million. Just how Adele started, right? If you remember, Adele also had an album before the big one that didn't got too much attention and at the beginning of 2011 her popularity exploded and everyone was talking about her. The single Video Games by Lana Del Rey was nominalized for the best song in 2011, so there is still a big chance for her to win in 2012 especially with the launch of the new album.

These are the basic things about her impact on music industry so far. When she talked about the single Video Games she said: "The verse was about the way things were with one person, and the chorus was the way that I wished things had really been with another person, who I thought about for a long time. Swinging in the backyard, pull up in your fast car, whistling my name'. That was what happened, you know? He'd come home and I'd see him. But then the chorus, 'Heaven is a place on earth with you, tell me all the things you wanna do' wasn't like that. That was the way that I wished it was - the melody sounds so compelling and heavenly because I wanted it to be that way. The verse is more matter-of-fact because that's how it was. It's a mix of memories and the way I wished it could have been. Just because things happened a certain way doesn't mean that that's the way that they are. It really is what you choose to think about. Bad things happen every day but you're not going to be any happier thinking about them. So I don't think about them. I don't have that luxury any more. Some people say that 'Video Games' stops them in their tracks; it's that kind of song. It's just really sad."

When Q Magazine asked Lana Del Rey why the live version of 'Born To Die' features the line "Let me f#&% you hard in the pouring rain" revealing it got edited to "kiss you" instead, she answered "it's not about f*cking!". "I'm singing it to my boyfriend and it's not about f*cking," she said with a laugh speaking on the decision to edit the lyrics. "It's more about...when I found someone that made me feel really happy, that was so different to the way I'd felt before in my life."

The information we have so far about her debut album, Born To Die, is that she says it will be "a dark love story seen through hopeful eyes. People talking about their lives - it gave me the freedom to write aboutwhatever I felt over whatever strange melody I wanted."

In conclusion, will Lana Del Rey be the artist of 2012 or not?!

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