Lana Robinson Releases the GDI Matrix Buster to Affiliates Worldwide

Trussville, AL (PressExposure) December 10, 2009 -- A brand new free online marketing system for GDI was recently introduced by network marketing entrepreneur, Lana Robinson that allows home business owners to provide a system for success to their network marketing team / downline.

This new marketing strategy was initially released only for members that she directly sponsored into her home business. However, because so many of her team members started seeing amazing results after using the system and she had hundreds of requests from other affiliates around the world that were affiliates of the same company, she has decided to grant access to her system to everyone worldwide.

This new free marketing system is called "The GDI Matrix Buster" and is making a serious impact worldwide as network marketing entrepreneurs are excited about the opportunity to generate 5 to 6 six figure income over time with little or no upfront investment.

When asked why she decided to release the system to everyone worldwide, Lana Robinson stated that she is a firm believer in helping others achieve success and providing systems that allow ordinary people achieve extraordinary success. She went on to say, "Because of the current economic times, people are looking for ways to make extra money or they are looking for a way to eventually replace their current income and still be able to stay at home with their families. This system can allow you to achieve that dream."

Network Marketing, also referred to as multi-level marketing (MLM), is a a method in which an individual can leverage their time, earn a residual income, and see geometric growth through duplication as your whole team works towards one common goal. The reasons that most people fail to make any money in a home business, according to Lana Robinson, is that they don't research the various opportunities they join, they get stuck with a lot of products that they cannot or don't know how to sell, they don't know how to prospect to people that are actually interested in a home business, and they don't have a system that can be duplicated by all members of their team.

Lana went on to say, "Everyone has different talents, and the secret to success in any home business is discovering your own talents and applying them to your business. For example, you may have someone on your team that has 10 years worth of sales experience and others that have never even been able to sell that school wrapping paper for their kids as part of the school fundraiser. And, to see even greater success throughout your entire organization, every member on the team should also have access to a system that anyone with any comfort level or financial status can use and see success."

The GDI Matrix Buster marketing sales program is being featured at [] and is literally revolutionizing the home-based business and MLM industry for thousands of GDI affiliates worldwide.

According to Gene Derieg, a member of her remarkable cash generating system, "This new marketing strategy is taking a completely different approach to building an online business and is so simple that virtually anyone can follow the step-by-step strategies and start generating residual income both online and offline. Anyone can use this system to build their business - even if they live on the moon!"

Many entrepreneurs in the Network Marketing and MLM industry are confident that this "GDI Matrix Buster" strategy could not have come at a better time. With the current unsure state of the economy, hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost, and with more people struggling just to make their financial commitments, the network marketing industry is seeing booming growth in response to these struggles. Many of these people entering the network marketing industry simply don’t have a lot of money to spend to join a business and then their family budget is stretched even more in order to grow their home based businesses.

Lana Robinson noted that most people who start a home based business run out of money before they even a chance to make their business profitable. Lana continued by saying that she has literally researched 50+ systems that claim to help you build your business online, but a majority of them either fell short of that claim by either charging too much money to use the system and requiring the member to join too many paid programs in order for the setup to be completed. Most of those systems did not have a method for the member to build a list of their own prospects and did not allow the member to follow-up with those prospects automatically over a period of time.

The ability to build your own list of prospects that you can follow-up with for years, according to Lana Robinson, is the driving force behind her decision to create her own system and give it away at no charge. The "GDI Matrix Buster" system is designed for the member to build their own list of prospects and earn income while prospecting even if the prospect doesn't join their business. "It's a concept that most people fail to realize can mean the difference between success and failure no matter what home based business they are involved with."

About GDI Matrix Buster

Lana began her Network Marketing career in 2005 after the company she was working for downsized and fired 131 people the week before Christmas. It was at that time that she realized she should be in control of her financial future and not the company that she had spent 7 years of her life working for up to that point. With her accumulation of knowledge of both online and offline recruiting techniques, she developed [] which is a system allows the home business owner to make money that they need to keep their business booming and thriving in any economy for decades.

To learn more about how you can earn additional income using the Internet, visit her site at []

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