Laptop Battery Life Puts a Drain on Our Mobility

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (PressExposure) August 18, 2009 -- We may have all experienced it at one point in our life, the destinations may be different but the frustration remains the same. Charging up your brand new notebook ready for a long train journey, making a playlist of DVD's that will help kill the time on that ever-so boring journey; only to find that a minute into your second film, your laptop's battery warning bleeps. The look on your face goes from perplexed to disbelief and finally to denial as you swear blind that the manufacturer claims a 'best in class' eight hour battery life.

You frustrated people are not alone as a recent class action suit against manufacturer's is claiming that over 70% of battery life claims are found to be erroneous. In reality, the laptop computer that promises you nine hours of batter life will offer a mere two when being used regularly.

The discrepancy arises, according to Ashlee Valance, because of the way tests are conducted by the manufacturer:

"Patrick Moorhead, a vice president for marketing at A.M.D., said the parameters for this test include having the screen at just 20 percent brightness, Wi-Fi turned off and no music, video, games or Web pages running. More or less, the test turns a computer into a dimly lit clock, then sees how long it can run."

It seems we are a long way off from simply plugging in and gallivanting off into the sunset, safe in the knowledge that our laptops will keep up with us. One man who knows the inside story more than anyone is James Thompson of, a specialist supplier of Dell Inspiron Laptop Chargers:

“In a supposedly wireless age, we have countless customers buying “” Dell Chargers in sets of three; one for their homes, one for their cars and one wired for another country.”

We await with baited breath the result of the class action law suit and anticipate manufacturer's will be forced to match their claims, or at the very least bring them down from their ambitious podiums.

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