Laptop Maintenance Tips - How to Make Your Laptop Work Longer and Better

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- Designed to bring your more convenience, laptop notebook computers [] are tools of the trade. Owning a laptop is just a piece of cake, about 3 thousand RMB you could buy one. But don’t forget, they always suffer from wear and tear, especially their keyboards, wrist rests and other often-used parts. Wanna make work with a laptop always a breeze? Apply the following aspects and maintain your laptops now.

1. Ask the rules of warranty when you buy the laptop and keep the necessary papers. This will make sure that the seller would replace or repair your laptop without no excuse. Most laptops wholesalers [] or retailers are willing to give their guarantees; if not, the notebooks offered might be shoddy goods or smuggled products.

2. Choose a laptop bag that could snugly fit your laptop. Don’t choose too big or over small cases. Those bags couldn’t effectively protect your laptop from scratches, shock, accidental falls and sunlight. One more point, choose the bag with cushioned laptop compartment, for reducing the impact maximally when your precious gadget is transported.

3. Before your cleaning, remember to turn it off and unplug it from the mains supply. Battery connection doesn’t matter. It has no affection on the after-cleaning use. Leave the battery connected or not is totally up to you.

The screen cleaning must do in an extra-careful way. The laptop's screen is costly, and fragile. If you have a piece of Chamois leather at home, use it to dry-wipe the screen; if not, you could clean it with dry lint-free cloth. For cleaning dirt marks on the screen, a lint-free cloth is OK; but for the oily spot, remembers to drop a drop of low-foam liquid detergent on the lint-free cloth.

The cleaning of keyboard, touchpad and other areas is the same as the screen cleaning.

4. Maintain the hard drive regularly.

Leaving plenty of available space is good for unpacking and could increase your notebook’s resistance to wear and tear; for those who really have a lot to store, please store your files in another medium, like CD or USB.

Delete any unnecessary files. Unused files, such as cookies, have a detrimental effect on computer speed and they easily cause various errors. You could remove them by removing it in the recycle bin. For completely elimination, you’d better use some specific software, for example, CCleaner.

Defragment your hard drive per month if you always have to save big files. Click on Start > Programs Accessories Disk Defragmenter.

5. Keep liquid and food away from your laptop notebook computers. Short circuits easily happen when liquid is spilled on laptops, those will destroy your computers in the worst situation. The food crumbs like the space in the keyboard and they love to invite small bugs to live with them - increase the risk of the circuitry abnormality.

6. Never use dirty hands whilst using your laptop. Clean hands decrease the accumulation of dust and stains. Furthermore, it could increase the abrasion-resistance of the laptop coating, as sweat and small particles on your body is stopped to be delivered to your laptop's exterior.

Apply those six tips to your Sony, IBM, Apple PowerBooks, etc. now. They will serve you better and for a longer time.

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