Laptop Power UK Reports Huge "Green" changeover from LCD to LED Screens

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) December 08, 2009 -- Laptop Power, one of the UK's top suppliers of replacement laptop parts, is stocking up on high tech, low energy LED backlight screens as a result of a massive industry switchover from LCD CCFL screen types.

Until recently, laptops were all equipped with LCD cold cathode fluorescent lamps, or CCFLs. However, these are considered inefficient and are being phased out in favour of LED backlight screens, which use less battery power and give better colour definition.

This is a win-win situation for both the environment and the user. Manufacturers are reducing the carbon footprint of their products, and users can run their screens for far longer, with better colour quality, on a single charge. It makes laptops truly portable: as currently power failure is a major cause of document loss for laptop owners working "in the field."

The use of LED backlights is already widespread, with manufacturers like Sony and Fujitsu having used them since 2005 in their higher end products. All Apple screens are today LED, and by 2010 Dell will have followed suit.

There has been some backlash over the switchover to LED, with cost and laptop un-usability cited as major issues. However, Laptop Power UK is quick to reassure people they aim to sell LED screens at the lowest price possible, and that most modern laptops are easily upgraded to LED. What's more, faulty inverters will be a thing of the past.

A Laptop Power UK spokesman said: "We see LED backlit screens as a step forward, both from the environmental and the technological point-of-view. We are stocking up in readiness for the expected flood of orders. Pretty soon, people will regard their old LCD CCFL screens in the same way we do cathode ray tube monitors today."

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Laptop Power UK was established in 2005, in response to a need for high quality, low cost adaptors for laptops. Today, they have expanded to provide a full range of laptop hardware solutions, including keyboards, batteries and LCD screens, at highly competitive prices. They source from the finest suppliers in the UK, and offer a superb delivery service.

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