Lateral Thinking is Broadening the Scope and Reach of Your Ideas Through Thoughtoffice Creativity Software

Portland, OR (PressExposure) July 02, 2009 -- Lateral thinking is all about broadening the scope and reach of your ideas. It's about making your imagination pop into places it's never been before. But how do you stay focused on the task or problem, while also exploring peripheral (aka lateral) options?

"ThoughtOffice provides the brains within the brainstorming process," says Mark Alan Effinger, CEO and founder of ThoughtOffice Corporation, makers of ThoughtOffice Innovation Software. "Not only are there as many as 13,700+ topical questions, but also a lateral thinking engine built into every copy of ThoughtOffice."

The idea of lateral reasoning is nothing new. In 1967 Edward De Bono came up with the term, and wrote a book called "The Use of Lateral Thinking" (also entitled "New Think"). De Bono claimed that trying harder in the direction you're going may not be as helpful as simply changing the path. His belief was that lateral thinking lets us toss out tired methods and carve new trails over traditional thought, fleshing out valuable ideas that are logical in hindsight.

While many firms have developed software around the visual mind mapping process, ThoughtOffice has created software that asks intelligent, exploratory questions. Keywords within these questions are popped into an IdeaBrowser to explore millions of lateral, associative searches, providing immediate inspiration.

"Lateral thinking is for changing perceptions, modifying concepts," says Effinger. "One word from your questions will drive over nine million associations that generate 'thought particles'; small, powerful components which become key elements of your solutions and ideas."

The ThoughtOffice software application includes three simple-to-use interfaces:

1. A "Topics Browser", loaded with up to 13,755 questions and comments across 16 separate topical areas, from Advertising and Marketing to Product Naming, Speaking, Conflict Resolution, and even Private Investigation. ( )

2. The IdeaBrowser taps real-time linguistics and image databases, providing more than nine million word associations, lyrics, quotes, images, definitions, synonyms and hypernyms. ( )

3. Finally, an outliner to organize thought particles - the many bits of ideas and concepts generated by ThoughtOffice.

Combined, these elements work to quickly solve problems and expand on ideas.

The logic behind lateral thinking suggests that while tradition may work, it won't provide the most inspired results. Limited vision means opportunities missed and creativity often abandoned. Kicking convention to the curb with mind stretching thought keeps ideas fresh and visionary.

Lateral thinking not only delivers ideas, over time it trains users how to flick their own creative switch.

"ThoughtOffice teaches you to master lateral thinking," says Effinger. "It's the engine that asks the right questions to fully explore your ideas. Then it brings back the words, phrases, images and ideas that create smarter results."

Information about ThoughtOffice Innovation Software can be found by visiting the ThoughtOffice web site at ( ). Dealers and mindmapping consultants are encouraged to contact ThoughtOffice to learn more about how mind mapping and lateral thinking solutions like ThoughtOffice can work together to solve more and bigger problems.

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