Latest Method for Valid TRANSACTIONAL FUNDING Opportunities - Transactional Funding for Short Sales

New York, New York (PressExposure) July 17, 2011 -- Transactional Funding | No Money Down - Latest Method for Valid Transactional Funding Opportunities

Transactional Funding

Investing in real estate is a good and profitable business. Every family needs a home and therefore the possibilities of encountering someone interested in purchasing that $500,000 house and lot at the end of the road is not exactly rare.

There are times when an investor needs to buy a property immediately to take advantage of the opportunity it presents, example would be non performing notes, which are those properties whose owners may have been delinquent on their payments and are therefore in huge mortgage debts making them sell their properties immediately to willing buyers. There are also the REO, which is similar to non performing notes, but is usually a property owned by a lender, which may be a bank or a government agency.

What if the investor didn't have the funds to possess the said properties because he had just acquired several other assets that still need to be sold? Would they just have to let go of a golden opportunity especially if they have sure buyers? Imagine a bank offering a $1,000,000 property for short sale and an interested buyer willing to pay $1,500,000 for the said property, would one still think twice?

The answer is NO. This is where transactional funding comes in. It enables an investor to purchase a property, which have guaranteed buyers so that an investor would not lose an opportunity to earn. The process is really simple. Transactional funding is not a loan that would yield high compounding interests, it simply funds a good investment with the investor still in total control of everything and is absolutely risk free, because the investor is not going to shell out any cash, but just a guarantee that the property will be sold in a short period of time. Think of it as an investment aid, the more properties an investor can acquire and liquidate immediately the more chance of getting higher returns.

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