Latest Survey Reveals the Top Reason Why Companies Outsource

Perth, Australia (PressExposure) February 05, 2012 -- According to the latest survey done by European researchers, the number one reason why companies outsource is they want to reduce and control operating costs. This is the reason why American Companies flocked to India and Philippines to hire locals that are as competent, dedicated and are able to produce same high quality output as their international but more expensive counterparts.

"Of course, if you are able to find the same high quality workers but for a lesser pay, why not?' says James Hardwen, Chief Financial Officer of an American company, 'It's just simple math. The logic is there, why settle for much more expensive workers plus the monthly or annual expenses that you have to deal with. Same quality goods, but offered at lesser price."

IT companies are the frequent clients of local Indian and Filipino IT workers. Their services include Web Design and Development, Software Development, Content Writing, Customer Sales, Telemarketing and many more.

"They are unbelievably efficient and fast in their work,' Hardwen adds, 'the pay is worth it." "We Filipinos are able to adapt on to changes that is necessary especially if it is required by the job." says Anna Mari Lopez, Human Resource of a BPO company in Luzon, Philippines. Being able to have less expensive but still quality working workers would mean much more profit for the company and less worries for the financial aspect.

The Philippines and India are head-to-head in terms of number of workers in the industry. The Philippines, who boasts people who can learn and speak English well with a neutral accent that is a needed requirement in a call center company compared to the Indian competitors.

"Filipinos have an accent that can never be recognized as Filipino. Unlike Indians who have an accent that the whole world recognizes." says Lopez who herself speaks English with ease. "We can speak like a local speaker or someone who is of neutral accent. Locals wouldn't suspect us to be non locals. But, the industry is so well known that locals who are calling are able to identify the nationality of the representative." She adds.

Although the call center industry is a very big component of the industry, with more than 45% are working as call center agents, the BPO industry has many fields or industries as well, not just call centers. The BPO Industry also features IT products and services like software or desktop applications development, Web development and design, SEO and Link building and Finance and accounting services and even education.

"The Industry is so huge. Call centers are just a 'house-on-the-neighborhood'. The BPO is like a mall or a department store. Has a lot of stuff." said Hardwen.

Perhaps, companies would want to venture in this field and create a more positive change in their businesses. Perhaps it's time that they start looking at people whose services are just simply taking calls or just simply creating web sites. It's what they call, just simply outsourcing.

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