Launch of the Reader Glasses iPhone App Enables You to Read Any Fine If You Forgot Your Reading Glasses

Boston, MA (PressExposure) March 08, 2013 -- It's a rite of passage- Everyone reaches the point of not being able to read without extending your arms to a painful limit. For years, the solution has been reader glasses. You can find them by the bed, on the kitchen counter, next to the couch, and in your pocketbook. Or, more likely, they are the one thing you never can find.

Thanks to the newly developed iPhone/iPad app, Reader Glasses, you no longer have to search for your readers or cross your fingers hoping there's a pair out in the car. As long as you have your iPhone with you you'll be seeing clear as day with your arms comfortably by your side.

Extending beyond just the standard zoom capabilities of the traditional magnification app for your iPhone or iPad, Reader Glasses, with its three key features- flash, zoom and diopter scale is making strides for those of us squinting to read a menu and struggling to thread a needle or read a letter. The app is also compatible with both portrait and landscape capabilities for your convenience.

Reader Glasses has magnifying capabilities featured on a diopter scale, making it easy to choose the level of magnification that fits your needs best. As those of you with vision troubles know, it is best to have your eyes tested regularly by your ophthalmologist as your prescription can alter rather quickly. The app can account for slight changes in a prescription with this easily adjustable diopter scale, ranging from 0.5-2.0, located on the dock at the bottom of the screen.

Not only can the diopter scale be used to enhance the magnification, Reader Glasses also offers a zoom feature that can be found on the dock at the bottom on the app screen. The zoom scale ranges from 0% all the way up to 100% magnification for those situations where the usual lens adjustment just isn't cutting it. Simply hold your phone over the text you're hoping to decode and slide your finger along the zoom scale until the text is clearly displayed right on your iPhone or iPad screen.

Another feature setting Reader Glasses apart from all the other available magnification apps is its flash feature located right next to the diopter and zoom options at the bottom of the apps home screen. This feature has proven to be handy for a multitude of occasions. Whether it be illuminating the specials in a dimly lit restaurant, or brightening the space where you dropped your earring, or even shedding some light to help find the right key on the keychain Reader Glasses is only making your life easier.

If you're looking to eliminate the need for dozens of pairs of reader glasses strung miscellaneously about the house and looking to step into a realm of simplicity and accessibility, Reader Glasses is the right choice for you. Download Reader Glasses from the iTunes store today for just $0.99!

About Reader Glasses

The Reader Glasses iPhone app is ideal for reading a menu, directions; a prescription package insert, bible passages or any other fine print when you have forgot your reading glasses. Even better is the local flashlight that illuminates the text in dimly lit areas. Easily zoom in or out, or use a fixed diopter setting (Just like your reading glasses.5-2.0) to bring everything in focus. All for only 99 cents at the iTunes store. Visit for more details.

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