Lavario Releases New Videos on How To Overcome Addictions

Florianopolis, Brazil (PressExposure) June 10, 2013 -- Lavario, one of the world's largest providers of self-help programs and counseling against addictions, has launched sixteen short videos on the internet explaining how to break gambling addictions and sex and porn addictions. The videos focus on topics such as where to find help, differences among various treatment options, the role of psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy in an addiction therapy, how to find the underlying reasons and triggers for addiction behavior and craving, how to use relapses as an opportunity, how to start with a therapy, how to reduce the dose of the drug etc. Some of the videos also explain why it can be more effective to gradually reduce the addictive behavior than trying to quit overnight. The 16 videos are between three and seven minutes long and they have been posted both on Lavario's web site and on video platforms such as Youtube and others.

Lavario states that the intention of the videos is to inform and encourage addicts to look for help. Many addicts suffer from their addictions and don't know what to do in order to quit. Through watching the short videos, people can get convinced that help is possible and available, through counselors, self-help groups, specialized clinics or self-help programs. One of the videos presents some explanations on why former addicts are often happier than the average of the population - after overcoming their addictions.

Lavario recently published an infographic stating that more than three million people in the US, UK, Australia and other English speaking countries suffer from gambling, porn and sex addictions. The vast majority of those people never underwent any treatment and families and friends are suffering along with them. Lavario intends to reach these people by offering anonymous support. As the participants of the program can download all material from the internet and can receive individual coaching through videos and emails nobody needs to open up to a complete stranger in face-to-face meetings.

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Lavario offers self-help programs and counseling against gambling addiction, alcoholism, love addiction and others. The programs consist of ebooks, audio books and personal coaching. Lavario is active in the US and Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil and offers their products world-wide through the internet. For more information visit

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