Lavarious A Slaughter's "You Better Be Glad I'm Saved" Stage Play

Orlando, FL (PressExposure) August 01, 2009 -- Lavarious A.Slaughter Presents.... Hit Gospel Stage Play Titled “You Better Be Glad I'm Saved” PRESS RELEASE

Rising Popularity of Faith Based Stage Play, Connects Audiences to Real Life Drama

A rejuvenated genre of stage plays has come to the forefront in recent years. The growing trend of faith-based stage plays offers drama and comedy that only real life situations can induce. Paralleled with this trend, is the role of the traveling stage play. Evident by the success of Producer/Director Tyler Perry, we have seen a shift in location marketing, and a migration of off Broadway stage productions.

The cost effective productions have taken a life of it's own with Internet and word of mouth strongly backing its entertaining subject matter. Producers are finding great success targeting their themes to reach the audience it most affects. In the movie industry movies with religious themes, are often turned away. In comparison, the theater industry is often able to slide under the yellow tape that guards these seemingly sensitive topics. The word of mouth advertisement that peruses oftentimes is enough to pack out performing arts centers across the country. The Tony Awards, (the industries highest honor of recommendation) aired recently. The reported ratings were the lowest since 1992; an eye opener for many industry execs that now sees the for-mentioned trend as an option for investment. Lavarious & Company is one of the faith based production companies, seizing the opportunity to spread a positive message off the mainstream Broadway. Founder/Producer Lavarious Slaughter opens his motivating stage play "You Better Be Glad I'm Saved" this summer. His hope is to steer the eyes of viewers to real life predicaments that can be solved through the proper guidance. Says Slaughter, "Our goal is to reach out and change the peoples outlook on life."

"You Better Be Glad I'm Saved," stars a character named JUN BUG who is habitually drawn to making life harder on himself. Dis-guarded by his mother after a string of bad behaviors done to above all his family. She recommends that he move in with his grand parents. JUN BUG seems to take all the worldly turns, when GRANDMA SWEENY and PAPS become the inspirational force needed to turn things around in JUN BUG's life. It doesn't happen easily as the production puts you through a laugh out loud roll a coaster, showcasing the family's personalities. "You Better Be Glad I'm Saved," highly anticipated production is on September 27, 2009 at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in Orlando, Florida. Show starts at 7:00pm.


Lavarious Slaughters "You Better Be Glad I'm Saved" Delivered as Promised: New Gospel Stage Play a Success on Opening Night

The Stage Play titled "You Better Be Glad I'm Saved," left audiences fulfilled. The play was funny, unique, and packed with real life issues and intriguing characters. The play toyed with your emotions on two extremes. Creating hysterical laughter, as well as scenes that made many cry as they related to the unfolding drama.

The play featured a well rounded flow of solo artists, as well as a stand-up comedian. Gospel artist Tiki Pickett (winner of Vicki Winans Shining Star Contest) was captivating leading us into Act 2 of the drama.

People were delivered. I've never seen a play where 50 or so people stood to accept Jesus Christ for the first time as their personal savior. Rounds of applause, and tears, transformed the Bob Carr Theater of Orlando into a worship center full of rejoicing sounds.

To end the play, Writer, Producer, Director Lavarious Slaughter came out to a thunderous round of applause, as the audience recognized the birthing of a producer that people will be talking about for years to come.

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Production: You Better Be Glad I'm Saved" Dates: September 27, 2009 Time: 7:00PM Location: Bob Carr Performing Arts Center 401 W. Livingston St. Orlando, FL 32801 Ticket Information: []

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