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Las Vegas, NV (PressExposure) September 01, 2009 -- Success with Per Inquiry Campaigns for Personal Injury and Mass Tort .Last Second Media Inc, the 7-year-old direct response agency specializing in Per-inquiry (PI) marketing and advertising, launched a new division recently for mass tort and personal injury lead acquisition called Lawyer Profit LLC. With recent tests concluded on television, cable and web publishing media; Lawyer Profit LLC unveiled evolving details on advertising opportunities for lawyers and plaintiff bar members.

Lawyer Profit LLC reports significant participation by the creation of a national co-counsel group for personal injury where client firms are seeking serious automobile accidents, injuries involving commercial trucks, as well as motorcycle and scooter accidents. Leads are also now available in categories ranging from accidents to toxic torts, pharmaceutical injury to medical malpractice. These leads are typically sold on a Per Inquiry or Cost Per Lead (CPL) basis.

Said agency president, Frank Pournelle ""Per Inquiry or Cost Per Lead (CPL) Advertising offers national advertisers a risk-free trial of new media using direct response marketing, " said Frank Pournelle, President of Lawyer Profit LLC.

Very successful regional law firms with personal injury, mass tort and class action practices are finding that 20 and 30 year old models of local tv advertising are dwindling in profitability. By joining the Lawyer Profit LLC network of national per inquiry or CPL media opportunities, client firms can keep up with new media, supplement and hedge against increased competition and circumvent declining market share. Pournelle suggested, "It's the new wild-wild West and what worked in the past --doesn't anymore. National broadcast media is one big economy-of-scale, but to be really successful you have to acquire media on a cost per lead (CPL) basis. By innovating new networks, we estimate acquiring a case costs about half the going rate of local broadcast and cable media."

A case study by Last Second Media for a national co-counsel firm proved this in August by delivering 50 new personal injury case leads. The test ran over 4000 television commercials in upwards of 90 million households with a client investment under fifty thousand dollars. With this media test, a Per Inquiry or CPL advertising model was negotiated and the client now pays only for each valid lead in a per inquiry or CPL program scheduled to appear on or within hundreds of media properties every week.

By moving from local to national advertising on a CPL basis, client firms are now filling unsold advertising on television, radio, newsprint, and web sites. Instead of paying for advertising, client firms pay only for each call or valid lead. Lawyer Profit LLC acts on the Client Development side to arrange these PI or CPL deals on a large scale. Lawyer Profit operates on a standard agency rate, but instead, is paid on performance.

With a PI or CPL campaign, Lawyer Profit LLC members run TV, radio, print and Internet ads at no charge to the client; instead, the client firm pays only for responses. Lawyer Profit LLC has relationships with media outlets across the country in their seamless network and accesses unsold inventories of ad time. It places the client's ad in those spots until the agreed upon number of responses is reached. This allows the client to establish a stable, predictable cost per lead (CPL) without the burdensome and unpredictable expense usually associated with local ad buying.

"Offline and online lead generation programs for lawyers push consumers to seek more information and if eligible, contact a participating client firm. PI and CPL marketing has the potential of creating a WIN-WIN situation for our media partners and clients because media partners get national-quality advertising from national groups. The advertising looks great, while our clients receive more and more exposure on a pure performance basis," says Lawyer Profit LLC President Frank Pournelle. "We broker the disparity between market and client demand for advertising, simply and more efficiently. A brand new, national TV or cable channel may have a limited track record for advertisers and law firms. Rather than give away the ad time to current advertisers or devalue its worth, our client firms offer an immediate opportunity to generate income on a pay per call, per lead or CPL basis. It all works as a backup offer and makes remnant ad time predictable for both parties. Media just plug in our CPL offers and clients get billed for each lead."

The market for PI is growing. With the digital transition, commercial and even public-broadcasting stations have new opportunities to earn advertising revenue with PI. For national corporate advertisers, these CPL offers another venue for reducing their advertising risk while growing their market share. "Advertising always works at the right price," says Lawyer Profit LLC Client Development Specialist Tyler Mecham. "National law firms, co-counsel groups, even regional personal injury attorneys with mass tort referral programs have all expressed support in placing their direct-response commercials with our media partners. Because they pay only for each lead or call, they view TV, email, radio and newsprint leads as just one more venue in driving sales and profit for their firm."

About Lawyer Profit LLC

LawyerProfit is a master builder of results-oriented lead generation programs positioned to take advantage of residual, remnant or unsold media. By timing fire sale media to the goals of legal organizations across multiple channels, LawyerProfit secures outrageous returns for clients with strong predictability and on a large scale.

LawyerProfit is a strategic direct marketing and media brokerage with several methods for building brands, amplifying revenues and heightening ROI. The network relieves client frustration with integrated marketing that produces qualified case leads to power the growth of participating client firms and law practices. LawyerProfit produces this growth by deploying sharp, direct response marketing on TV, radio, print venues and the Internet. Many programs cut the risk of advertising by clients, through the use of Per Inquiry, pay per lead, Cost Per Call (CPC), Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Action (CPA) programs. Corporate information can be accessed at or by phoning LawyerProfitLLC president, Frank Pournelle at 800-334-4500.

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