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Calcutta, (PressExposure) April 21, 2009 -- With the enforcement of the right to Information Act and people becoming more aware of their rights, lawyers are now much more in demand. Increasing job opportunities and revitalizing of legal education are also the reasons why law is becoming a preferred career option.

The legal profession is not new. Law has a glorious history. It was a favourite with our political leaders who had a dense impact on the nation. These leaders not only helped us get freedom but also define the ethics for society. Gandhi, Nehru, Ambedkar, Rajendra Prasad, Kennedy, Clinton and Obama to name a few all were/are lawyers.

Lawyers now do not merely practice, they are problem solvers.

Law as a profession is now set to make a comeback. In fact it already is doing that. MBA, which has become a much favoured career option, is bound to face tough competition with law in the coming years. Hence the enrollment of students in law entrance coaching is also rising. Law entrance exams have been simplified from 2008, with one law entrance test, CLAT, conducted for admission in the national law colleges in India.

Law is one of the basic social institutions in a society. It helps an individual upholds his rights, at the same time allowing the Government to apply rules and penalties. Law deals with diverse fields. Specialization can be done in law too. It can be relating to civil law, tax law, patent law, criminal law and corporate law to name a few.

The Work

Some of the functions of law graduates in the corporate sector are provision of legal advice, drafting contracts, fulfilling the statutory requirements of a company and liaising with senior advocates who represent the company in the court.

NGO’s require lawyers to look after issues such as human rights, gender bias environmental protection and other issues

In criminal and civil trial, lawyers represent a particular party and prove their stand by presenting evidence.

Reasoning, analytical and communication skills are the basic skill set required to take up law as a career option. Law entrance coaching seeks to bring out these skills in a student to improve performance in law entrance tests.

Defending basic human rights and bringing a change in the society is the attraction for many people to take up law as a career. All this has resulted in a huge increases year on year in the number of students taking law entrance exams.


The demand from MNC’s, banks and IT firms and insurance companies for top law college graduates has been on the rise. Salaries in the range of 6-8 lakh rupees per annum with good growth opportunities are common.

Today, firms are prepared to pay anything between 4-5 lakhs going upto 10 lakhs per annum. Advocates, law firms, legal outsourcing companies and MNC’s, all take in lawyers after graduation.

After completion of LL.B one can look for doing an LL.M or picking up the Masters Degree from abroad if one does not wish to work straightaway. Law entrance coaching enhances the chance of students making it to the top law colleges.

With the increasing number of international law firms employing Indian graduates and increasing number of merger and acquisitions and cross border transactions, the demand for lawyers is rising and salaries rising, going as high as 27 lakh rupees at initial levels. The reason for rising salaries is also the small number of people taking up corporate law as a career option of the 70,000 lawyers that India produces every year.

Huge proportion of students in some law schools come from science background. Hence it is no surprise that salaries offered to them are at par with those given to engineering graduates. Hence, law which was the least preferred career option 10-15 years ago is now the most sought after career option. There has been a steady rise in the number of people opting for Law entrance coaching in the recent years because of ever growing competition proving again the growing popularity of the legal profession.

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