Layton Technology Adds SNMP Functionality to AuditWizard(TM), Its Leading PC Audit Software

Tampa, FL (PressExposure) November 26, 2009 -- Key Enhancements in Major Upgrade of AuditWizard™ -- Version 8.1 – Include Ability to Quickly and Easily Discover and Audit SNMP-Enabled Devices on the Network

TAMPA, Fla,. November 26, 2009 – Discovery and audit of SNMP enabled network devices is one of the key enhancements Layton Technology Inc. has built into a major upgrade of its AuditWizard™ PC audit software – Version 8.1, which is available for immediate shipment.

Layton Technology, a developer of innovative PC audit and help desk software, announced AuditWizard 8.1 via a press release on its Website on Friday, November 20, 2009. The URL for the press release is:

SNMP is the acronym for Simple Network Management Protocol, a set of standards for network management that enables the exchange of management information between devices on a network.

Robust and easy-to-use, the new SNMP functionality in Version 8.1 enables AuditWizard to discover and audit SNMP-enabled devices on a network -- routers, switches, hubs, printers and more.

SNMP functionality augments AuditWizard’s long-standing capability to quickly and easily discover and audit IT assets, including personal computers, laptops, servers and the software installed on them. AuditWizard also discovers and audits two other classes of IT assets -- removable media devices, such as USB drives, and mobile devices, such as Blackberry® Smartphones.

“AuditWizard was first introduced in February 2000. With Version 8.1, we have remained true to our objective to upgrade the product while keeping its price highly competitive,” said Glenn Powell, project manager of development, Layton Technology, Inc. “Version 8.1 is a major upgrade because AuditWizard has been written in a new programming language -- .NET. Thus, it is now even easier to use a product that always has been easy to use. In addition to SNMP functionality, other key enhancements are a new user interface and a new dashboard view.

He continued, “The addition of SNMP discovery and audit to AuditWizard in Version 8.1 is significant. Such functionality is a rarity in PC audit software. And other PC audit software products that have SNMP functionality cannot match the depth of data provided by AuditWizard 8.1.”

Only a few clicks are required to access AuditWizard 8.1’s SNMP functionality, which provides information such as make, model and serial number of all SNMP-enabled devices.

It is important for a company to be aware of these devices for several reasons. First, the company owns the devices.

Next, the company needs to track the lifecycle of each device -- router, switch, hub, printer, etc. The device will eventually have to be replaced. And replacing a working device that is late in its forecast lifecycle is a better alternative than having the device suddenly fail.

Lastly, the company needs to track the annual cost of maintaining each device.

The SNMP functionality of AuditWizard 8.1 enables network administrators to regularly obtain this information.

Here’s an example of the “depth of data” that AuditWizard 8.1 can provide. By clicking on the icon representing an individual network printer, the administrator can learn how much toner is remaining/has been used.

The benefits are obvious. The company can avoid a loss of employee productivity due to the printer going offline because it has run out of toner. And the company can effectively manage the amount of toner it keeps in inventory.

To see the SNMP discovery and audit functionality of AuditWizard 8.1 in action, please watch this short video –

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