Leading Self-Help and Personal Wellness Coach Launches e-Book on Mind Reprogramming and Human Consciousness

Miali, Florida (PressExposure) June 15, 2009 -- Leading expert on personal development, self-help and personal wellness Victtor Da Ponte (www.iMasterTechniques.com) has launched his e-book iMaster Techniques, a 128-page comprehensive guide on how to achieve total life success by focusing on positive outcomes and transcending the sub-conscious. The e-book, which can be purchased and downloaded from [http://www.imastertechniques.com], is a veritable step-by step guide for those motivated and self-driven individuals whom professional and personal success tends to allude constantly owing to external factors which epitomize negative and unwanted forces. The e-book shows readers how to overcome the barriers we sub-consciously tend to create for ourselves and how to channelize our energies into positive and clearly chartered directions. An introductory mini-course is also available now as a Free download from the website.

Personal development expert and life coach Victtor Da Ponte has launched his latest e-book, IMaster Techniques on [http://www.iMasterTechniques.com], a master guide to achieving total personal and professional success, wealth and social recognition by pursuing a regimented step-by-step approach which will take readers to the finishing line by eliminating habitual limiting beliefs and self-created barriers. The 128-page e-book, which comes with a bonus workbook and audio sessions, shows individuals how to accomplish these objectives by consciously focusing on the positive results that we desire while simultaneously causing the subconscious mind to eliminate the limiting beliefs and emotions blocking your success. In addition, you never need to be aware of which limiting beliefs are producing the “problem” or the “negativity” frequently associated with the process.

Directing Positive Energy into Action

“The iMaster Formula uses certain very specific laws of the human subconscious mind to guide and streamline the re-organization of new and permanent neural pathways within the mind and body which allows our natural essence to flow freely and effortlessly, leading us to the success we desire.” Comments the author, who has more than 20 years of experience as a life and self-master coach, with a rich and diverse background in healing therapies such as physical therapy, energy healing and meridian energy therapy. “You will literally be unraveling the negative associations that have been hardwired into your brain as limiting habits and dysfunctional emotions,” adds Victtor Da Ponte.

Reprogramming for Results

The author outlines three elements to the iMaster formula for rapid reprogramming of the human consciousness. They include the process of using a cue word that triggers the intention of releasing limiting emotions and causes the subconscious mind to carry out that order, channeling our desires with a positive and finite focus, and using five keys to further mastering the subconscious code that holds negative emotions fixed in the body and mind. Through expertly researched and clearly directed chapters such as Leveraging the 3 Laws of the Subconscious Mind, the Subconscious Code, Using the Law of Polarity, and Healing Emotional Wounds, Victtor Da Ponte not only establishes but also validates a clearly articulated connection between the mind, body and soul within the broader framework of human success, fulfillment and achievement.

About iMaster Techniques Inc.

iMaster Techniques Inc. is a Miami Beach Florida-based personal development and wellness coaching firm headed by Victtor Da Ponte, a life and self-master coach with twenty years of experience in life coaching. He conducts one-to-one and group training programs for both individuals and corporations to help participants unleash their real potential the environment, destiny and negative forces not withstanding. His recently published e-book called iMastering Techniques is a rich step-by-step compendium of practical and hands-on methods designed to elicit peak performance levels from its readers by using tested and proven strategies hitherto unexplored.

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