Leading Sex Expert Launches New Blog to Educate Women on How to Best Achieve a Female Orgasm

Beaverton, OR (PressExposure) April 07, 2009 -- Leading sex expert Jessica Perez has launched a new blog called http://www.FasterFemaleOrgasm.com/blog, which is designed to empower women into taking sexuality into their own hands by offering women techniques on how to achieve a greater, more consistent climax during intercourse.

Millions of women all over the world struggle with reaching maximum enjoyment during intercourse. It is even common knowledge that women routinely feel forced to “fake it”. This lack of climax leads to detrimental effects in women, where one can think "something is wrong with me", as well as in their relationships (boyfriends and husbands blame the woman for not reaching climax, or they feel they are inadequate). Pharmaceutical companies strive to produce a “female Viagra”, but the real solution lies in education.

Whether it’s low libido, the inability to become aroused or the inability to climax, women have found hope with http://www.FasterFemaleOrgasm.com.

The site is dedicated to show the common mistakes that women make that prevents them from climaxing as often as men, and the best ways to ensure that a woman reaches her peak at the same time as her partner.

Traditionally, it has been the men’s responsibility to make sure both parties climax. But this site and blog offers advice and tips to give the woman power to ensure this happens. This site is dedicated to women who are looking for a more fulfilling relationship in the bedroom, not just for her but also for the man.

Founder Jessica Perez said: “An overwhelming majority of women have difficulty climaxing during sex. Not anymore. Through my blog, women who suffer from the agonizing frustration of too-slow, unreliable or non-existent orgasms can now learn how reach one in minutes.”

Perez’s site has become a leading source in providing women helpful information and answers to improve their experience. Visitors will receive information on, including:

* The single biggest mistake most women commit that make it impossible to climax

* The No. 1 activity a woman needs to do on a regular basis that makes reaching maximum pleasure during intercourse as easy as flicking a switch

* The fatal (yet easy to fix) mistakes to avoid that most women make

* How to discover all the hot buttons and how to teach a man the right way to push them

The blog is the latest addition, where information is added regularly to give new tips, advice and skill building techniques to achieve a more exciting experience. The goal of the blog is to advance woman's success in their intimate life and how to reach climax faster, easier and every time they make love.

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