Rancho Mirage, CA (PressExposure) December 19, 2007 -- Leads and Lead Generation are changed forever for entrepreneurs---Thanks to the genius of Tom Prendergast and Mike Darling, the visionaries and architects of Veretekk, the ultimate in lead generation systems. They explain this powerful system in this manner:

"All major lead brokers use Traffic Portals that attract subscribers. Many smaller lead brokers buy from them in bulk. The whole feeding chain, continues all the way to the resellers, buying and selling your personal information as if it was nothing more than a commodity. The point is, to market effectively and ethically on the Internet you need Traffic Portals that attract subscribers that not only subscribe to them but promote them as well, and, protect the subscriber from being bought and sold! This is exactly what Veretekk has built.

The core of your Veretekk system is the Traffic Portal!

Each Traffic Portal has been positioned and designed to primarily attract the entrepreneur from different facets of the market. These Traffic Portals are like magnets. Once you establish traffic to them, they compel the right visitor's to go ahead and sign up for the free service they are offering. The signup process is easy, self verifies the information, then something wonderful happens. The subscriber to that Traffic Portal actually gets what the Traffic Portal promised. This establishes credibility and trust. Then another wonderful thing happens with Veretekk Traffic Portals. If you're a Veretekk distributor and that Traffic Portal was yours only you get notified of this new Premium lead and if you don't call them, no one else does.


These type of leads do not reject you when you call them. 100% guaranteed no rejection. And because these people that have signed up for your Traffic Portal service they do not get bombed by being sold into leads slavery. Many times they will actually call you. In fact many will sign up into your primary business if you have configured your system to promote your primary business. This is not some wild claim either. It happens all the time. . .

So in summary, Traffic Portals promote your business for you. All you have to do is promote your Traffic Portals."

Find out more at [http://cmarsh.veretekk.com]

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Text Link [http://blogfather.net/blogs/bf_cmarsh.xml]

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