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Rancho Mirage, CA (PressExposure) October 26, 2007 -- Worldwide business communities are taking note of the California Wildfires and the impact of such a disaster on home and business. The Associated Press reports the following on California Wildfires at a glance:

"California wildfire overall statistics: — Acreage: 489,761. — Homes Destroyed: At least 1,780, according to authorities. — Deaths: Three confirmed fire deaths, seven fire-related deaths. Authorities investigating whether four charred bodies found east of San Diego on Thursday were victims of the Harris Fire. — Injuries: 52 to firefighters, and about 30 injuries to civilians. — People taking shelter in 45 evacuation centers as of 4 p.m. Thursday: 12,465, according to the state Office of Emergency Services."

When it comes to the protection of your business leads and lead generation systems--- the very foundation of all business --- there are a number of things business men and women can do prior to a disaster.

Whether your business is in mortgage leads, insurance leads, mlm leads, sales leads or general business leads, lead generation emergency protection plans require good planning. It is advisable to write out your general lead generation plan that is divided into specifics. These specifics must include your monthly lead generation process, activities and results, your weekly lead generation process, activities and results, and your daily lead generation process, activities and results.

The wise business person has to explore so many things when establishing a solid lead generation base. At the same time, the owner of any stable solid mortgage lead generation system needs to think ahead because disaster is likely to come quite unexpectedly. Therefore, a business-interruption strategy and the required plan are likely to be needed. The mortgage businesses need to have these types of plans that are pretty essential in order to ensure the fact that the business is functioning in a normal manner. Getting prepared stands for thinking ahead and a loss-avoidance strategy should also be taken into consideration. The company needs to know how a possible disaster is likely to affect the employees’ ability to come back or not to their work place. Even the clients’ ability must be checked in order to be able to know everything about their abilities to interact with a company that is to be found in such a condition.

The natural disasters should also be taken into consideration when it come to buildings and offices that belong to the mortgage company because the company needs to know everything about its own ability to relocate its own mortgage businesses.

Normal business operations are likely to depend on different records and these records need to be guaranteed in order to secure the continuing process of the mortgage leads, real estate leads, insurance leads, mlm leads and general business leads. The impact of the possible solutions needs to be considered in a careful manner because they are likely to determine the extension of a mortgage lead. Therefore, the business-interruption plan should be always kept in mind in order to be able to get prepared for the occurrence of such undesirable circumstances. But every mortgage company can actually protect itself and even its businesses and people from loss. The effect when it comes to dealing with a major loss that is due to a natural disaster needs to be examined thus leading to the proper time to act in order to secure the premium leads.

Surge protectors need to be installed in case a power outage happens; computer files must be all backed up and the copies need to be stored at least some miles from the current location of the mortgage company. Secure locations should be provided in order to keep the insurance policies, the lead generation system and different important papers. The emergency telephone numbers should be kept on a special updated list and all these emergency plans and even the special procedures have to be discussed with the company’s employees.

A special emergency plan that concerns the best leads should be drafted in order for the company to be able to contact the customers and employees and this sort of plan is to be used in order to communicate during a crisis situation. Therefore, the company should not let a disaster of any kind spell its end. Therefore, business owners need to think ahead, get prepared and take action now, thus, avoiding unnecessary losses. All these things should be kept running in a smooth and efficient manner.

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