Learn About Yoga Breathing With The Revolutionary eBook Collection of "The Yoga Science of Breath"

New York City, NY (PressExposure) September 04, 2009 -- "The Yoga Science of Breath" e-book collection has recently been released to the public on sale for $19.97 and promises a whole range of benefits, from increasing physical endurance to overcoming depression and anxiety, when you learn about yoga breathing. There are two totally free reports being given to the public as bonuses.

The collection includes three different products, in addition to the two free reports:

• "The Yoga Science of Breath" illustrated 64 pages e-book, • Two daily exercise routines in audio format, and • A step-by-step guide e-book

The e-book gives a very complete – and easy to understand and follow - overview of the concepts that make yoga breathing effective at increasing personal health. The exercise routines are the practical applications of the aforementioned concepts; and the step-by-step guide serves to supplement the exercise routines with more in-depth and text-based explanations of those exercises. All three products complement each other very well and provide the student with a well rounded foundation to learn about yoga breathing.

The product itself is a less philosophical and mystical approach to yoga, as it helps the user learn about yoga breathing without having to master the tantric concepts behind yoga. Simply put, "The Yoga Science of Breath" gets straight to the point and teaches the user about the practical applications and benefits of doing yoga. The simple act of breathing then becomes a way for the user to attain a better and healthier lifestyle without investing hundreds of dollars in lessons.

Some of the more important applications outlined in the collection are the three normal types of breathing, their pros and cons, learning the benefits and application of effective yoga breathing, and the quick and easy exercises you can do to maximize it. There are some esoteric points on yoga, like the yogic perspectives on breathing, directing circulation and healing the self. These concepts, though not essential in the actual application of yoga breathing exercises, aid the user strengthen their understanding of why this practice will help them, among many others, to:

• Beat Depression and anxiety • Help control and maintain a healthy weight, and even help beat diabetes • Increase the immune system so the person seldom gets sick • Inhibit pain, even from past injuries • Increase physical endurance…yes, even by merely breathing!

Thus, providing the reader with the foundation for why is important to learn about yoga breathing and applying the exercises is vital for their health and overall well-being. This notion, serves both to encourage and enlighten a person, which is always helpful for those who need a little extra push to begin a routine.

All these applications, however, are not meant to take up hours of a person's time to do. Neither do they require the deforming and risk-prone postures that typify the lessons of most yoga practitioners. These exercises can be done sitting up or lying down on a mat, which means a user can literally pick up a copy and start doing the outlined exercises in as little as five to ten minutes. Yes, devoting 5 minutes a day doing focused breathing exercises will deliver incredible benefits that would normally be addressed by spending hours at the gym, on diets, with doctors of all kinds and with medication for each condition. Picking up a copy and taking action can be a very important investment on yourself.

The completely digital approach to this collection adds more to its efficiency as well. Packaging, shipping and handling fees are waived in favor of using downloadable content. Once downloaded, the e-books can then be printed out and the audio tracks transferred to a CD, DVD or iPod. This is particularly important for users who want to learn about yoga breathing without having to spend hundreds of dollars or weeks of waiting.

This down loadable collection worth a lot more than what is being sold for, or $19.97 – which comes with a 60 days money back guarantee - is a compact and effective way to learn about yoga breathing, which is especially relevant in today's go-getter attitude that leaves little time for rest and relaxation. The two free bonus reports are for the public to keep. If the user gets the principles and applications down to heart, five to ten minutes of yoga breathing is all it'll take to get a fresh new outlook on life and health.

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