Left Handed Stun Guns World Premier Announced

Colorado Springs, Colorado (PressExposure) May 19, 2009 -- 'Security Solutions' an online retailer located in Colorado Springs, Colorado is proud to introduce the world premier of a complete line of left handed stun guns. Lefthanders don't have to feel left out any more.

Jack Krohn the owner of 'Security Solutions' was quoted as saying "It is about time the self defense products industry recognized the huge market of lefthanders. This huge market just cannot be ignored any longer. They are victims of crime too. Now they have an answer for the criminals who ply their assaults on lefties."

As you may know stun guns and other self defense products are not meant to injure or maim but simply disable an assailant long enough for the victim to get help. Stun guns are used by thousand of law enforcement agencies world wide as part of their continuum of force.

A stun gun sends an electrical charge of volts to the assailant causing disruption in the body's neurological impulses which makes the victim lose balance and become confused. A 2-4 second application will cause loss of balance, loss of muscle control, total mental confusion and disorientation making the assailant unable to move for about 3-10 minutes because his blood sugar is depleted. This allows the victim enough time to get away and get help.

Don't be a victim! Arm yourself with the best in left handed stun guns today. They are no more expensive than their right handed brothers and can do the job equally well.

Please note stun guns are illegal in some states. Check your local police department for any restrictions. These stun guns work for right-handers too.

About Security Solutions

Jack Krohn owns Security Solutions and has written over 400 articles on self defense and home security.

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