Less is More Does Not Hold True For Gardens

Fuengirola, Espana (PressExposure) July 06, 2011 -- The saying 'less is more' goes out the window when it comes to beautiful gardens, there is nothing more lovely than a well stocked garden with bed upon bed of stunning flowers and different colors, which makes the onlooker do another take.

A beautiful garden is everyone's dream, and some people get fed up waking up every morning and looking out at the grey concrete wasteland that is their garden. Plants and flowers are essential to man's existence as they serve many purposes.

Plants and flowers apart from its biological significance, can be decorative, and adds charm and comfort to every area where flowers are being grown and displayed, and container plants placed in eye catching positions can light up a dull area on a patio, or balcony.

You can do so much with the space you have, whether it is a couple of window boxes, the space on a balcony, or a small garden, you simply don't have to have acres to have a beautiful garden, you just have to know what you want to bloom in your garden and where to plant.

If it's a low maintenance garden that you want it may be best to plant hardy perennial plants which don't need to be protected against frost, some people do not have hours a week to spend on their knees pulling weeds, but doesn't mean we don't deserve to look at something beautiful outside.

Childhood memories of lovely gardens that our parents painstakingly weeded, fed, de-headed, just to keep the garden looking beautiful, but sometimes younger generations don´t seem to have inherited previous generation's green fingers.

Rising prices and a fear of which chemicals are going into what we eat is pushing more and more people into growing their own food. This is an easy way of keeping healthy and getting the satisfaction of eating home grown food, but if you only want to see beauty everywhere in your garden, some vegetable plants can be planted in amongst other garden plants or bedding plants and will not take away anything from the beauty of the surrounding flowers.

If you can't tell a Begonia from a Petunia, or what to plant, where, when and how, you can get help from a garden centre or nursery with knowledgeable staff to help, and you will soon be aware that many plants will only thrive depending on what type of soil you have in your garden and the amount of light, wind, and water getting to your garden.

A spokesman for Blooming Direct a horticultural business based on the Island of Jersey said "most people we talk to want to use every bit of space they have in a garden, or patio, and we are asked different questions like when to plant garden bulbs, the value of buying plug plants and what to use as hanging basket plants. Our website is very informative, and our online advice blog is dedicated to gardening advice and tips, also how to care for your plants and garden, so our site is always buzzing with activity and needs checking out often".

Plant you garden with every beautiful plant in every available space, and you will achieve a stunning vision; furthermore simply forget 'less is more'.

For further information visit: http://www.bloomingdirect.com or you can visit their Facebook page to discover more offers.

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