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Bangalore, India (PressExposure) November 19, 2009 -- The Japanese language has three categories of words via the native Japanese words that are borrowed from China and Western language such as English, his should be kept in mind by all translators. However the native Japanese language, account for more than 50% of the total words used in Japan. Then it is followed by 40% of Chinese borrowed words and 10% from English.

In this modern business world, Japan occupies an unbeatable position among the industrialized countries in the world today. Japan's progress in information technology is very fast and because of this, the other countries depend heavily on Japan for the technical knowhow and technology transfer. This process inevitably calls for communication with Japan in their language. Corporate officials of various countries have personal inter actions with their counterparts in Japan for the finalization of trade negotiations and meetings with the help of translation agencies too. So it is very essential that the client countries are compelled to learn the usage of Japanese language.

Hence it is very essential for the client countries to know Japanese language in order to ensure sustainability of their business in Japan. Japanese language being very difficult, business with Japan may seem a problem and at the same time if the client countries take the pain of learning Japanese, Japanese may appreciate our sincerity in learning their language for developing strong business bondage with them. A common medium of communication and translation will always be helpful for the steady growth of business and business deals with the client countries. Japanese being a difficult language, one has to be careful in business dealings or else it may lead to cross cultural misunderstanding and finally affect the business adversely. Japan occupies the second largest economy in the world in spite of the economic slowdown and this shows the need to learn the language to sustain our business with Japan.

Even though Japan has attained self-reliance in the industrial field, especially in the information technology, it is introducing modifications in their technology to cope up with the latest requirements. This has led to more dependence of the client countries on Japan for the technological transfer to other countries. The client countries of late have taken initiative to learn the Japanese language in the process of exchange the technical knowhow between the countries and thereby ensure a firm foundation for their technology in Japan. It is important to have familiarity of the Japanese language and culture for a fruitful communication, in the process of transfer of technology to and from Japan, this work is done by the translation companies.

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