Let's Study the Heart and its Related Problems Through Cardiology

Tujunga, California (PressExposure) October 14, 2011 -- Cardiac problems mean heart related diseases, these are increasing day by day. The maintenance of the heart is very important to get prevention from the related problems, as these are increasing day by day and problems like heart attack etc. are growing every day. Cardiology is a broad area and if anybody wants to get deep information about the problem then cardiology 3d animation and cardiology 3d medical illustration can prove to be beneficial for this.

• Heart is the center focus of the cardiology and bears numerous anatomical and physiological features those are highly important for the body system to work properly. Heart disorders and can lead to heart disease and cardiovascular disease and causing significant number of deaths.

• The prime function of the heart is to pump blood around the body, the blood that it pumps from the body called systemic circulation, through the lungs it is called pulmonary circulation. The heart is connected and affects the entirety of the body.

• Cardiology deals with the study of the heart and a cardiologist deals with the heart related problems. The heart squeezes the blood and functions like a pump.

• It can be divided into mechanical and electrical. There are some disorders that disrupt both electrical and mechanical functions of the heart. Heart attack is a most common disorder of the heart. The malfunctioning in moving sufficient blood can cause other heart related diseases.

• The heart cannot receive enough nutrients and oxygen from the blood that it pump and it must be supply itself like any other organ in the body, this type of blood circulation is called coronary circulation. Coronary arteries and coronary veins are included in coronary circulation.

• Coronary circulation disorders can have very bad effects on the heart. Any damage to the heart can reduce coronary circulation and that can cause further damage to the heart.

Coronary circulation disorders may vary such as:

• Angina pectoris: it means chest pain caused by ischemia of the heart.

• Acute coronary syndrome: it includes many myocardial infarction symptoms.

• Atherosclerosis: in this condition, an artery wall thickens due to the accumulation of the fatty materials. Atherosclerosis leads to coronary heart disease.

• Coronary heart disease: it refers to any reduction in the coronary circulation.

• Restenosis: the return of stenosis that refers to coronary artery.

• Myocardial infarction: any blockage of the coronary circulation that leads to the death of a part of the heart is called Myocardial infarction.

It's always better to take precautions and preventions to avoid any heart related problems. Cardiology 3d animation and cardiology 3d medical illustration can help in understanding the whole phenomenon.

Cardiology specialists recommend a healthy diet, quit from smoking, drinking to a moderate amount and regular exercise. A healthy diet plan is also very beneficial for a good and healthy heart.

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