Life After Retirement - Who's Retiring When There's Age Reversal?

Las Vegas, NV (PressExposure) February 21, 2011 -- Used to be that you could expect to live into your sixties or even seventies - if you were lucky. And your big goal in life was to retire before you were fifty so you could enjoy life after retirement - what was described as your "Golden Years." But that was then.

Now we have visionary geniuses like Ray Kurzweil (graduate of MIT), and Aubrey deGrey, PhD (graduate of Cambridge) painting the future for us when we can all expect to live to 150 and beyond. That is, as long as we live healthy and inspiring lives today. And that rules out the old idea of retiring to sit in your bark-a-lounger and alternate between television and napping.

So it's no surprise that there's a new website dedicated to helping men and women around the world develop their understanding of what's coming and how to change their lifestyles today - so that they can live into this new advancement that's turning things around. was created by a team of four futurists who are all committed to living to 150 and beyond - so that everyone can enjoy what they call "Longevity At Your Fingertips".

"At," co-founder Sy Joffe reported, "we not only cover the 'how' people can expect to experience age reversal and extreme-life-extension, we also cover the 'why' our visitors and members would want to live beyond any life span humans have ever experienced."

"And we were on the scene even before TIME magazine rolled out their cover story (Feb 21, 2011) "2045 When Humans Become Immortal", added co-founder Brian Johnson, DDiv.

Life after retirement certainly pales in comparison to the prospect of living a second lifetime, as the founders of refer to extreme longevity. Think about it. Retirement vs continual adventure. Maybe it's founding that dream business, or going back to school to pursue the missed-out-on career, or enjoying the excitement and joy of a truly romantic relationship never before possible. In fact, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

All because the prospect of death is no longer knocking on your door the moment you enter what was formerly "middle age"! Instead age reversal and living with great physical and mental health can become the norm. But only if you prepare for it now.

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