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Saskatoon, SK Canada (PressExposure) February 22, 2011 -- The new version of Life Extension For Iguanas reveals iguana keeping secrets that only the professionals know about. It delves into the depths of captive iguana keeping and having these lovely creatures as pets in an urban setting.

Life Extension For Iguanas was created by Mitch Tarala, an iguana care expert and pet owner who has spent over 6 years researching the iguana species in an effort to put together the Life Extension For Iguanas training guide and software program.

A free demo of the book has been released to spread the word about this new book and give iguana owners from all around the world a chance to review and put into action the information contained on its pages. The demo is fully functional and displays the entire contents of the 85 page ebook but is limited to 1 use only.

The book was published In January 2011, and following its launch the author, Mitch Tarala, created the software demo of the ebook in an effort to promote his work to internet users around the world. Since Life Extension For Iguanas was published in January 2011 pet owners from around North America have said that it is the best iguana care guide they have ever seen.

Iguana professionals have stated that this new book really blows the lid open on the most cutting edge techniques being used to raise iguanas to an old age of 20+ years.

'Mitch Tarala has really let the cat out of the bag with his release of Life Extension For Iguanas. There are going to be healthy iguanas on every street in every city across the nation if the press gets ahold of this!' said one happy reviewer.

The book is 85 pages long and contains hard hitting facts about how to provide iguanas with the correct heating and lighting, how to build an ideal iguana cage, and what makes up the best food to feed captive iguanas in the big city, where local markets often lack the proper food for iguana keepers to provide their pets with.

It is available for purchase with a full retail price of just $10 USD and is only available on the internet at

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