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Adelaide, Australia (PressExposure) July 28, 2009 -- There comes a point in one’s life when there is uncertainty. For those who need guidance in terms of finding their true destiny or just the right direction in life, Universal Psychic Guild offers personalised astrology and psychic Life Path Reports.

While most people are familiar with their sun sign based on the date of their birth, not everyone is aware of how other heavenly bodies influence their lives. These Life Path Reports focus on different aspects of one’s life.

There are several types available. If the person is relatively new to astrology and would want an interpretation of his or her birth chart, then a Cosmo Natal report would be the right report to select. This 10 to 15-page natal report interprets the planet in the zodiac signs and the aspect to each other. Another birth chart-related report is the Major Life Themes report which provides a brief but accurate assessment of one’s cosmic patterns at the time of birth. This 5-page report presents the themes in order according to their important in the person’s life.

Clients will find a more comprehensive astrological report in the 20-page Life Path report. This takes the reader on a revealing journey with interpretations based on his or her unique month, day and year of birth. It goes beyond just the usual analysis of the Sun Signs.

For those who are believers of past lives, the Karmic Past Life report is a great companion to help one discover how their experiences in a former life are affecting their current one. This uses astrological methods to determine possible past life connections, but is not a complete interpretation of one’s birth chart. It is approximately 9 pages long.

The Destiny & Decisions + Horoscope Report gives the owner a personalised horoscope forecast based on his or her birth date. It predicts planet placement during a specific time period and how these form aspects to one’s natal planets.

If health and lifestyle is a major concern, the Astrogirl Fitness & Lifestyle Guide takes a look at how the stars can affect one’s dietary and exercise potential. It is not a quick weight loss program and should not be used to replace doctor’s advice. However, it offers good guidance on planetary influences to one’s health. It is between 20 to 25 pages long.

These reports exclusive reports are priced between AUD$7.95 to AUD$44.95. Samples are available at the website:  

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