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Muelhiem, Germany (PressExposure) August 18, 2009 -- SET TARGETS Setting priorities is all about keeping us focused and making sure we get the highest return from our Direct Sales Business. If you want to grow your business beyond your dreams then set goals. But what goals should you set? There are some basic goals that most people will have. Other goals will be different for everyone. But in essence your business goals should be able to answer the following questions: How Much Money Do I Want to Make? How Big Do I Want My Direct Sales Business to Get? Who is my Target Market How Will I Attract Customers? What’s my Marketing Plan? These are just a few of the goals that once can set. After each goal is met, set another goal. Remember too, to reward yourself each time your goals are met. In high ticket sales like Life Path Unlimited make sure you know who your customer is!

SMELL FOR BUSINESS. Look around you! Of course, you have competitors in the Direct Sales Industry! Learn from the competition: Figure out who are your competitors? How are they doing things? How can you get an edge over your competitors? What problems are you solving with your business?

RECOGNIZE YOUR MARKET Knowing your market is all about: Demographics---Who do you want to sell to? Also your “Personal Demographics” you can you sell to! Geographical/Cultural buying trends----Grow your business more efficiently by keeping up with who likes what, where. For example at this very moment maybe China is not a good market at this point in time for the personal development products Life Path Unlimited offers. Economic factors---Your direct sales business has an advantage over stores, with the personal contact. Still, the economy will affect people’s buying mood! A recession proof business like maybe even boom in times when other businesses do suffer!

MAKE FINANCE IN YOUR BUSINESS Money, Time and Effort all needs to be invested! After all this is a business! Over and over if you want to grow your business. Spend your money wisely! Especially when you first start out, as you develop your customer list and your “brand”.

NETWORK Real estate Investment guru, Geoffrey Semaganda says it well: “Your NETWORK is equivalent to your NETWORTH.” Success in Life Path Unlimited is largely a matter of contacts and relations! You are offering a product, but you are also selling YOU. When you first set out to grow your business, you will probably not be a household name. There are ways to network! The social networks in the online world! If you learn the power of networking you will soon be laughing all the way to the bank! So use the social network wisely Twitter and Facebook have just started to reveal their potential!

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Adriane Mueller used to be an international Project Manager in the Computer Industry, having worked globally mainly in the US and UK. Since 3 years, Adriane is running a successful Online Marketing Business from Home. She now passionately showingcothers to do the same.

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