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Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PressExposure) June 04, 2009 -- Dadaism, or the cultural anti-art movement, peaked between 1916 and 1922. The movement served as a rejection of the political and social landscape of the era. Perhaps the most famous example of Dada art is Duchamp’s “Fountain,” which was a recycled urinal with political undertones; replicas are now displayed in museums the world around. During Duchamp’s time the aims of readymades (also known as found art) were revolutionary in nature. They served as a rejection of the status quo and as a push for intellectual interpretation over physical craftsmanship.

Since then, subtle (and not so subtle) messages in art have continued. Perhaps the most relevant ready-to-buy art currently being produced are the recycled light bulb lamps ([]) offered by vendors such as Superior Lighting (picture is linked). Not only do these lamps have a classy post-modern feel they are helping to save the Earth one room at a time. These lamps are made from used incandescent light bulbs; so instead of filling up landfills with harmful chemicals, buyers of these light bulb fixtures are recycling, enhancing the look of their home or office, and providing an interesting conversation piece about the environment. It is a discussion that must be had, and these lights are helping.

The dadism movement underscored the importance of bringing a message along with your product. In Duchamp’s case it was art, in this case it is light bulbs. The message being carried is that incandescent bulbs should make way for more energy saving lighting options such as CFLs, halogens, and LEDs. These lights provide much more light per kilowatt of power used and are better and brighter all around. The technology is there now, it is only waiting on mainstream users to adopt it. CFL light bulbs provide a much more energy efficient and eco-friendly solution over their traditional counterparts. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs today, the Earth needs you.

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Superior Lighting, they are Wholesalers energy saving light bulbs, florescent black lights & compact florescent lamps - energy saving light bulbs at affordable prices.

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