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Lombard, Illinois (PressExposure) June 24, 2011 -- At Lindemann Chimney Service in Northern Chicago/Southern Wisconsin we strive to find ways to save you money. Here are some unique ways to save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Have your ducts cleaned

Dirty air ducts are not only responsible for poor indoor air quality but build-up on the coils can cost you heating and air-conditioning dollars. A buildup on the cooling coils means that the air that would normally move across cold metal coils only makes surface contact with the dirt/debris. This causes the appliance to work harder and run longer increasing your air-conditioning costs. Even during winter months these dirty coils restrict airflow through your furnace.

Changing out the Air Filter

It's surprising that people don't change out their air filters more often. After all they are only a few dollars a filter. Having a clogged filter restricts air movement into the air handler (furnace fan). Since it has to work harder to pull in more air the price of your electricity goes up, up and up. Plan on changing out your filter no less than every two months. If there is remodeling, pets, excessive dust, etc., in the home it's a good idea to change it every month . Or, if in the process of remodeling with airborne dusts and debris, it may need changed as much as every week. When we are there cleaning your ducts we will check your filter and let you know the size you need. We can even show you how to change it.

Is your dryer vent clogged?

A clogged dryer vent can cause your dryer to work harder increasing energy costs. My parents dryer took a long time to dry clothes. This was one of the Maytag dryers built in the late '70's when they built them like a tank. I remember timing it and it taking more than an hour. I started to look at the vent, removing ceiling tiles as I went. Not only was it disconnected but it was also clogged. Once connected it took an average of 30 minutes to dry a load of clothes. My father and I replaced the cheesy plastic vent that had separated with heavy aluminum vent and now I clean it once a year. Newer homes tend to have dryer vents that snake through floors or go through a floor up and through the attic. It's easy to get clogs, separation and water damage as a result. Even a buildup of 1/2" of lint can decrease the venting capabilities costing you a lot more for each load of clothes. Add to this the possibility of a dryer vent fire and it's a wise idea to have it cleaned regularly.

Sealing your fireplace chimney

If your fireplace has a traditional damper chances are the damper is rusted, warped, missing or isn't sealing completely. Try shutting the damper and see if you have cracks of sunlight. Or try closing a dollar in the damper. If you can pull it out easily then air is moving through it. Usually fireplace dampers that are new only have a metal-to-metal seal that still leaks. Consider having a tight sealing chimney top damper installed. The gaskets range from a silicone rubber as in The Top Damper, to injected silicone like the Sealtight, to even a refrigerator type gasket in the premium Energy Top and Energy Top+ Dampers. These dampers can save you hundreds in "paid" energy dollars by creating a virtually air-tight seal.

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