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Liposom is a new weight loss formula designed to encourage weight loss while sleeping. The formula consists purely of natural ingredients that perform a complete body detox and gently remove excess waste from the body while simultaneously assisting the body to absorb essential vitamins and minerals from meals.

The Research Behind Liposom

A total of 70,000 women participated in a 16 year study into the connection between weight problems and sleep conducted by researches at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University. Results clearly indicated that individuals sleeping less than five hours per night are around 30 per cent more likely to gain weight in excess of 30 lbs more than those getting more sleep. Many experts believe that there is a good chance that lack of sleep has a direct contributing effect to obesity. Studies carried out by the University of Montreal have further proven the existing link. Liposom is one of the first weight loss supplements addressing this issue.

Main Liposom Ingredients

Sleep is the best time to lose weight because this is when the body produces collagen which plays a vital part of burning fat. Using this as a guiding principle, Liposom is formulated from the finest natural ingredients to promote this effect. The ingredients of Liposom include Green Tea which protects a body from free radicals damage through its strong antioxidant properties. Gymea leaf serves to suppress and neutralize cravings for sweets by eliminating the taste of sugar. Yerma mate leaf is used to suppress appetite and reduce fatigue. Guarana seed is added to increase the metabolism and stimulate a person's central nervous system. The final ingredient, Nopal cactus, aids the body in energy production while maintaining a healthy glucose balance.

Liposom Action

To begin with, the Liposom formula promotes better sleep without resulting in a groggy feeling the next morning. While the body is resting, the formula's ingredients begin to detoxify the body which will result in higher energy levels and increased stamina. Vital resources for the immune system will be released, improving the body's ability to fight diseases. As part of the body detox, excess waste - which can mount up to as much as 10 - 40 lbs of waste being held in the colon - is gently removed.

The Benefits

Apart from improved digestion, higher energy and stamina levels, increased vitality and, of course, weight loss, users of Liposom often find that symptoms such as bad breath, constipation, fatigue, gas,hemorrhoids, irritability, skin problems and even certain yeast infections were eliminated or at least improved as a result of the colon being cleansed thoroughly. In addition, the antioxidants also serve to promote healthier looking skin. This effect is further enhanced by the improved quality of sleep which allows more collagen to be produced. Collagen not only assists the body with fat burning, it is also an essential part of skin cell reproduction.

In short, the Liposom weight loss formula will serve to improve the overall health and appearance of a user by promoting a restful night's sleep and detoxifying, nourishing and cleansing the body in the process. You can visit the Lipsom website at:

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