Litigator Launches HR System to Small- to Mid-Sized Business Market

Tucson, AZ (PressExposure) June 18, 2008 -- After 28 years of working on behalf of employees and injured workers, attorney Mike Moore announces the launch of Vision HR Solutions, Inc., a HR product and service firm dedicated to providing small- to mid-sized professional businesses with strategic HR support. The firm's approach protects the employer from meritless employee claims and administration while increasing profitability.

"Working with the Vision system requires a paradigm shift in employer attitudes toward employee behavior," says Moore. "Traditionally, human resources is considered an expense item on the books, but our system is designed to enhance revenue."

Vision's products and services provide the same--or better--protection to small employers as corporate law firms deliver to major corporations. The costs of such HR consultancy and related services are prohibitive to the vast majority of small professional practices. With more than 25 years in employment law, Moore has turned defendants' human resources policies against the companies many times. The Vision HR System is comprised of two elements: a customized employment practices handbook, and a Vision Solution Center that backs up the employer in use of the handbook.

The policies under Vision HR Solutions change the employer-employee dynamic. Vision does this by rejecting the organization of traditional human resources policies, and instead focuses on programs that foster employee satisfaction, all while protecting the employer. Further, the objective is to eliminate the anxiety in dealing with employee behavior issues.

"We focus on small businesses, and dental and medical practices because those are the employers most in need of help," says Moore. "Employee policies are the last thing they want to deal with, and consequently, they suffer greatly from abusive and disgruntled employees that, in service businesses, can tear up the bottom line."

The system was designed from Moore's experience in suing companies, and through surveys of employee satisfaction in various work environments. The system also has a built-in protection from claims of disgruntled employees.

"We expect the employee to take responsibility for his or her own behavior and performance," Moore explains. "Our system has no sticks--only carrots. There are no warnings, no notices, and no disciplinary suspensions. We have a robust employee concerns feedback loop built into the policy. Our system makes employees happy and confident. And in such an environment, good employees do not leave."

A bad employee can kill revenue. "Too often we see a doctor literally being held hostage by a long-term employee who has become intolerable. Experience has shown that when that employee is separated, the average jump in revenue to the business is more than $25,000 per month," Moore adds. "Using the Vision system, the employer can separate such employees with confidence, dramatically improving the bottom line."

About Vision HR Solutions, Inc.

About Vision HR Solutions, Inc.:
Established in 2006, Vision HR Solutions, Inc. is a HR product and service firm dedicated to providing strategic HR support to small- to mid-sized businesses. Vision HR Solutions, Inc. launched sales of the Vision HR system in May 2007. Originally directed to dental practices, Vision HR has formed alliances with practice management firms in Maryland, Rhode Island, Minnesota and California. For more information, visit

About Michael Garth Moore:
Michael Garth Moore founded Vision HR in 2006; after 30 years of being on the other side of the courtroom from employers. Mike developed a litigation practice centered in Columbus, Ohio that made him recognized as one of the top Labor and Employment Lawyers in the United States. In 2000, he was recognized as one of the top ten lawyers in Ohio for his work in representing individuals against corporations. He is listed in “The Best Lawyers in America” – a notoriety gained only by nomination by other lawyers. It was from his experience in compelling companies to pay money to hundreds of former employees that he created Vision’s products and services.

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