Little Known Facts About Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) April 15, 2011 -- The noble work of protecting animals, environmental education, and conservation of biodiversity, animal rights and welfare is carried on a global basis by a not-for-profit organization in the US known as the Dancing Stars Foundation. The basic area of focus of this organization is to protect and preserve wildlife by the means of national parks wildlife sanctuaries.

Wild animal sanctuaries are places that are marked off for the exclusive use by wild animals and their protection. These areas are also known as wildlife refuges. They protect the animal until its natural death. No kind of profit, trade or testing is made from the animals in a sanctuary; it is just like a safe and secure natural home for these animals. Those wildlife sanctuaries that are protected nationally, and by a national law of a country are known as national Wildlife Sanctuaries. On the contrary there can be various other sanctuaries protected and managed by a global organization like the Dancing Stars Foundation.

Farm animal sanctuaries as the name suggests are protective spaces for animals which are bred in the farms like horse, chicken, turkey, sheep, ducks, geese, goats, elk and llamas. Generally farm animals are abused to produce more meat, eggs and milk at farms. Sanctuaries for these farm animals stop the abuse and let these animals produce meat, eggs and milk naturally. In today's world, ocean and water animals are also suffering great abuse. Chemicals and fertilizers are let into water bodies which lead to the death and extinction of water animals. Thus, Marine national park wildlife sanctuaries are also very important.

There is a difference in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. A wildlife sanctuary is a totally protected area run by the government, which allows least human interference. A national park can be grounds for hunting as it protects animals for leisure and recreational purposes also. They can be private as well as government owned. National parks can often be wildlife sanctuaries but it is not necessary that all wildlife sanctuaries be national parks.

The importance of sanctuaries and parks is huge as they protect flora and fauna. Habitats are shrinking in size due to the man-made destructions like building of cities, buildings etcetera. Due to this a huge number of animals are losing their homes, and a huge variety of flora and fauna is becoming rare, endangered and extinct. These sanctuaries can act as a mechanism to balance the lives of these creatures and the human consumption of these creatures and natural resources. Protected areas like the wild animal sanctuaries can be made into a sightseeing and holiday spot, thus, making people aware of the natural flora and fauna and bringing human beings closer to them. Education of people is one of the most important aspects of the national wildlife sanctuaries. Parks and sanctuaries are also formed to maintain the biodiversity and the uniqueness of a particular place. The importance of farm animal sanctuaries is to protect the animals which produce a large part of our food.

Prevention and protection of flora and fauna is of the utmost importance in today's industrialized world.

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