Local Businessman Uses His Own Cash To Improve Neighborhoods And Help Anyone Looking to Sell Their House in The San Jose, CA Area

San Jose, CA (PressExposure) April 22, 2013 -- A local resident is taking matters in to his own hands to improve local communities by buying up ugly, old houses nobody else needs with the purpose of fixing them up to make them beautiful again. What's getting the attention of some district communities is the fact that he's using his personal funds to do this. Cole Skelton, who owns the website [http://www.SellMyHouseSanJose.com], has been an active real estate investor for just a few short years now, but what makes him different than new investors is the fact that he examines each and every deal he does as a way of not only helping solve the individual homeowner's needs to sell an ugly property, but also a way of assisting neighboring communities as well.

When asked why he seems to take such a personal fascination in purchasing these ugly, seemingly unwanted houses he fixes up, Mr. Skelton replied, "I don't just see each deal as a way of making money. I see it as an opportunity to really help people, while at the same time, help their neighbors by making something beautiful out of something bad. Not only that, but we're also providing an opportunity to someone to claim their stake of the American Dream of owning their own home when we finally sell that beautiful house!"

Mr. Skelton claims that he and his wife buy 2-3 houses each and every month and are looking to buy more.

With the local Northern California economy in such bad shape these days, Mr. Skelton has discovered that there are plenty of honest people with a lot of bills to pay, who are sitting on top of a tremendous asset: an unwanted house. He tells us that all they would need to do to replace the burden of an unwanted house with a check in their hands in a matter of days is to either call him immediately at (408) 418-0888 or visit his website and submit their information to sell their house in San Jose, CA. Mr. Skelton assures us that he personally evaluates each and every deal that comes across his desk, and likes to pick up the phone and talk directly with each homeowner to see how he can help by buying their house.

When asked how he is able to continue acquiring houses with his own cash, Mr. Skelton replied, "Buying and selling houses is without a doubt a challenging business, especially in these so-called 'hard times.' It's not for the faint-of-heart, but I've just learned how to evaluate each house and each situation as unique, and look for the opportunity to make something work. I trust that a lot of other investors just don't have the patience to work with sellers the way I do, and I truly believe that by just being fair, open, and sincere with everyone, I've been lucky to be able to be successful in real estate. All I really need to do to see if there's even a possibility buying a house is to look at each deal and talk to the homeowner to see what he really needs out of the sale of his house. If everything looks good, we can often have their cash in their hands in a matter of a few days."

For more information, please contact: Cole Skelton by phone at (408-418-0888), or by email at Info@SellMyHouseSanJose.com. You will also find more information on the web site at [http://www.SellMyHouseSanJose.com]

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A Northern CA resident is improving local communities by buying several old houses with the purpose of fixing them up to make them beautiful again.

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