Local Dealer Avoids Red Tape With Cash For Junkers Program

Winston-salem, NC (PressExposure) July 23, 2009 -- Tracy Myers, owner of a local business, Frank Myers Auto Maxx, says, "As always the government is sticking its nose in our business and making things worse...not better! The Cash For Clunkers program sounds great, until you find out that the government wants to tell you where you can and can't buy a car, what kind of car you can buy, and even how much you have to spend to drive a nicer, newer vehicle. I don't think so...that's just not fair."

Myers is taking matters into his own hands. He's created his own version of the Cash For Clunkers program (called Cash For Junkers)...without all the red tape. "Listen...my program doesn't have all these ridiculous restrictions! Did you know that the government is telling people that they MUST buy a new car? What if you can't afford a new car? What kind of help is that?" exclaims Myers.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx is offering a Cash For Junkers payout program that guarantees you'll get paid as much as $1,500 more than your current vehicle is worth regardless of the age, mileage or condition, and no mater which vehicle you choose to buy. The only restriction is that you must buy a Certified vehicle from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Myers is strongly encouraging people who drive vehicles with "not so great" gas mileage to take advantage of the special program. These customers will receive the biggest savings because of the dramatically improved fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs found in the nicer, newer vehicles offered at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

"I created this program because my customers asked me for it. They were calling me, saying...'Tracy, I don't like the sound of this new government program. Who are they to tell me what kind of car I can buy. Isn't this still a free country?' Of course it is. And I think you should be able to buy whatever kind of car you'd like, from wherever you want to buy it. So that's why I'm doing this."

The official government program has a lengthy list of requirements about how long you've owned and insured your current vehicle, how old it is, the mileage of your current vehicle. It requires that you buy a new car, without exception, and also requires that your existing vehicle be scrapped...which means you'll receive nothing for its current value.

Myers continues, "That's not how we're doing it. If you have a car that's worth, let's say $5,000, and you pick out a nicer, newer vehicle that qualifies for the full $1,500 payout program, we'll give you $6,500 for that car because we're not going to scrap it. It still has value and we're willing to pay for that. The government will only give you $4,500 for it, maximum. This is a much better deal. Not to mention, you can choose a pre-owned car and save another bundle of money. Honestly, any money you get from the government will just be wiped out by the depreciation you experience when you buy a new car."

In the current economic climate and credit crisis, more and more local residents are finding themselves unable to be approved for an auto loan. Especially for a new car. The people at Frank Myers Auto Maxx have a solution for that too.

"Listen, we know that a lot of good people are running into credit problems right now. That would make it impossible for you to buy from another dealership. But this new program of ours is actually making it possible for people who couldn't be approved yesterday to own a nicer, newer vehicle today. And we've got the right kind of vehicles...that the banks love to finance...that makes this happen. That's not true at most dealerships...and certainly not the dealerships the government wants you to shop at."

How long will the program be available? Unlike the government program, there's no specific end date to the offer. Frank Myers Auto Maxx has set aside enough funds to help a lot of people. But when those funds run dry, the program will expire. So to take advantage of this offer and avoid the government red tape and extra rules and restrictions, you'll need to visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx right away.

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