Local Roofers In Concord Massachusetts Give Pointers On What To Expect From Roofing Contractors

Millis, MA (PressExposure) March 01, 2012 -- Deborah Juhl, spokesperson for Ferrimy Construction in Mills, MA, spoke recently on the expectations consumers can have for roofers in Concord MA when they have roof work done on their homes or businesses. She said that roofers in Concord MA will, first, is to make sure the surface is clean and ready to receive the new roof. Old, damaged roofs may need to be removed, certainly, but then the roofers in Concord MA will need to inspect the substrate to make sure it is ready for a new covering. Ms. Juhl said that this is an important part of the preparation, if you want the roof to be mold and mildew free and sealed from leaks. The roofers in Concord Massachusetts will inspect the deck boards to make sure none of them are broken or water damaged. They will also check to make sure the seals around all of the vents and other protrusions are properly flashed, so that no water can get in around them. This is especially important around chimneys, as well.

Ms. Juhl also says that all drains and gutters must also be cleaned. Otherwise, water can back up in them and soak the wood to which the gutters and drains are attached. The roofers in Concord Massacheusetts must also make sure there is no organic debris, such as leaves and pine needles, that can rot beneath the roofing material and cause damage to the decking or roofing materials. In addition, debris left on the roof will retain water, giving it time to soak into the roof, causing damage.

Next, according to Ms. Juhl, the roofers Concord Massachusetts will need to make sure all of the valleys on the roof are properly flashed. These are the seams where gables meet the roofline, and are often prime areas for the occurrence of leaks. Once all of the preparation is done, the roofers in Concord MA will begin to lay the shingles. Regardless of the type of roofing system you have installed, the ridgeline will be covered with roofing materials that will shed water to the rest of the roof.


Ms. Juhl says that different roofing materials will serve in different locations. For instance, shingles are not intended for flat surfaces. They are, instead, designed for surfaces with significant slopes. Otherwise, they will hold water, allowing it to seep in beneath the shingle and saturate the substrate. On sloped surfaces, shingles are a must, because the channel the water off of the roof before it can do any damage.

On flat, or low sloped roofs, according to Ms. Juhl, a bitumen or build-up roof is more useful. Roofing contractors in Concord MA will tell you if the roof you have needs shingles or build-up roofing. Typically, a house will need shingles, but porches and sun rooms that have been added on later will have a flat or low pitch roof that needs a different roofing layer.

Ferrimy Construction is a roofing contractor in Concord MA. Located in Mills, Massachusetts, Ferrimy Construction serves Mills, Concord, West Roxbury, Lincoln, and Wellesley Massachusetts by providing roofing repair and replacement services. For more information contact the company spokesperson, Deborah Juhl, at 617-461-5741.


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